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Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse Review: A Lightweight Wireless Powerhouse

Gamers have it pretty good these days. Gone are the days when we had to make do with whatever weird office supplies we could get our hands on; we’re living it up now with a huge assortment of the best gaming mice and the best gaming keyboards around.

If anything, the main issue now is figuring out which one to actually get. A good gaming mouse could mean 100 different things to 100 different people. Some want speed and accuracy, some want customization and extra buttons, and some just want to know they’re not going to ruin their joints.

Well, the Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse aims to offer a little bit of everything to everyone, but the main focus here is the incredibly minimal weight. We’ve been using it for both work and play, and we’re pretty happy with it overall. Read on for our full thoughts.

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  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Good customization
  • Great for smaller hands
  • Feels short
  • Bluetooth can feel a bit laggy
Quick Specs
  • Connections: 2.4 Ghz Wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, Wired
  • Weight: 59 grams
  • DPI: Up to 19,000
  • Lighting: Customizable RGB shape
  • Battery Life: Up to 80 hours
  • Mouse Buttons: 6

What is the Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse?

The Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse is a tech accessory designed with nearly everyone in mind. It has extra buttons that can be customized with different options or macros, which makes it great for RPGs or FPS games, it has multiple connection types so it suits those who like to travel or those who value flexibility and it’s incredibly light, weighing only 59 grams.

This minimal weight is supplemented by pure PTFE feet and an ultraweave cable for speed. Basically, whether you’re looking for a wireless or a wired mouse, this thing has you covered at a speed and weight that’s very hard to beat.

The device also comes in both black and white, which is nice for people who love aesthetics above all else. It also has a small bit of RGB lighting where your palm sits, which is subtle enough to satisfy those who aren’t keen on that style of lighting but may not be enough for people who like to feel like they’re raving when they’re gaming.


Setting Up The Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse

Setting up the Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse is fairly simple. If you’re not fussed about the customization, you can literally just plug it in and play, or use the switch underneath to select your wireless options of choice, use the wireless dongle that’s stored on the underside of the mouse, and get going.

However, if you want to make sure you can customize the buttons, DPI, and colors, then you’ll need to use the software. To do this, you simply download it from the website, but you’ll need to use the wireless connection to update the mouse. It’s unlikely to be an issue for most people, but there may be rare cases where that’s a problem.

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Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse Design

The design of this gaming mouse is centered around its weight. A lot of lightweight mice tend to accomplish it by having a honeycomb design, which for some people feels like a skin and dust trap. However, the Cooler Master MM712 manages to have a proper shell albeit feeling a touch shorter than some other mice.

It also has a little hollow underneath where the wireless adaptor is kept, which is great if you’re looking for a mouse to come traveling with you, be it for a Steam Deck, a gaming laptop, or just for work. Also, if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like RGB lights, you’ll be happy to know that your palm will cover it at all times when you’re using it. We still like the light, but it’s a lot more subtle than most on the market.

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The Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse Performance

Throughout our testing, the thing that stood out the most about the mouse is, unsurprisingly, the weight. Moving this thing around starts to feel as natural as breathing at points, and the PTFE feet mean that there’s so little resistance it almost feels like you’re interacting with the air itself.

The range of DPI options means you can easily tweak how you’re using it to suit the game or even the specific situation you’re in, and it always felt up to the job. This is all true whether you’re using a wired or wireless connection too, which is a wonderful thing. The only noticeable dip in performance came when using the Bluetooth mode, but it’s only relevant if you’re playing an FPS game, or something else fast-paced.


The Verdict: Should You Buy The Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse

Ultimately, the Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse is a solid option for people who want a little more than a standard mouse can offer. The extra buttons are a huge boon for FPS and MMO players, the multitude of connection options make it excellent for portability, and it being so light is a huge relief for all of our wrists.

If weight is your main concern, then this is a hard mouse to beat, and for nearly everyone else, the features here will be enough to make it a great recommendation. However, if you want more buttons or a higher DPI, then you may want to look elsewhere. The price is good though, and that’s certain to win over a few more people too.

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