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Secret Coupon Code Brings This Outlet Extender With Night Light and Detachable Shelf To Under $14

This outlet extender has an intense amount of features that make it a great deal, even at full price, but today, it’s down to nearly 50% off thanks to a few different savings that all stack up. It starts at 37% off, but there’s a clip coupon that’ll take another 10% off the result, and the code EX694JUP which can be added at checkout, lowers it even more. It’s a great day to grab this outlet extender, which has enough extra benefits that it comfortably rivals the best surge protectors.

This outlet extender has five outlets on it, four USB ports, including one USB-C port, a night light, which makes it easy to use in dark conditions, and a shelf. The shelf might sound like an odd choice, but it comes in incredibly handy when charging a phone or other small gadget, as it’s always easy to access.

It also has surge protection as well, meaning there are no worries when it’s thundering outside, or just if that’s something the user is concerned with. SPY loves to make sure outlet extenders have surge protection anyway, because the last thing anyone wants is a fried gadget. It means it can be used with one of the best Anker chargers without worrying about whatever is being charged.

$13.93 $26.99 48% off

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This outlet extender has a lot of features that make it a one-stop shop for everything an outlet extender could reasonably do. Not only does this turn one outlet into five, but it also has four USB ports, a night light, and a shelf as well. The shelf is especially useful if the outlet it’s going in is high up, because it saves any pesky long cables by just putting the phone it’s charging on the shelf itself. It also has surge protection too, making it a great bit of kit for very cheap. Just remember to clip the coupon when adding it to the cart, and then enter the code EX694JUP at checkout for the full saving.