10 Crazy iPhone Cases You Can Find On Amazon Right Now

Crazy iPhone Cases Amazon
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             * 10 iPhone cases to bewilder and delight
* Options that challenge the limits of form and function
* Give your iPhone a distinctive look while keeping it protected

Is your phone in need of a makeover? Transform your iPhone into a range of disparate things like a pocket knife, electronic lighter, hourglass or stuffed animal. Scroll below to see our 10 favorite wacky iPhone cases on Amazon.

1. Bunny Ears and Tail iPhone Case

Kawaii charm meets function with this bunny rabbit case, topped with rabbit ears and a fluffy tail that doubles as a kickstand for your phone.

Bunny Skin Case with Furry Tail


2. Nokia iPhone Case

Throw it back to the days before your cell phone was also a camera, computer, alarm clock and well, your lifeline with an iPhone case that also serves as an old-school cell phone decoy.

creative camouflage case for iPhone


3. Melting Popsicle iPhone Case

Protect your phone and celebrate everyone’s favorite summertime treat without the calories or melted mess with this playful popsicle case.

Melting Popsicle Case



4. Baby Bottle iPhone Case

This silicone, baby bottle designed case will certainly draw heads and make for a great gift at your next baby shower.

Silicone Baby Pacifier iPhone Case


5. Camping Knife iPhone Case

Never be caught unprepared with this iPhone case that’s designed with a built-in stainless steel pocket knife and multi-functional camping knife. Both slip in and out of the shock-absorbent, stainless steel shell.

Camping iPhone Case Stainless Steel


6. Hourglass iPhone Case

Time yourself the old-fashioned way, or just be mesmerized by the “sand” slowly funneling through the crystal hourglass on the back of this phone cover.

Crystal Liquid Hourglass iPhone Case


7. Thermal Sensor iPhone Case

You’ll know if anyone’s put their hands on your phone with this case. Thermal induction leather senses any temperature change with contact, revealing another “hidden” color.

Thermal Sensor iPhone Case


8. Faux Fur iPhone Case

The fur accessories trend has made its way from fashion to tech. This faux fur-lined case transforms a simple iPhone into a trendy fashion statement.

iPhone Case Soft Warm Faux Rabbit Fur Fuzzy Plush with Crystal Cute Bowknot


9. Stuffed Animal iPhone Case

You’ll probably never lose or break your phone again when it’s held by the embrace of a fuzzy stuffed creature. This fluffy case will make finding a lost phone that much easier.

Stuffed Animal iPhone Case


10. iPhone Case With Lighter

The party-ready cousin to the camping knife iPhone case, this one has a hidden bottle opener that flips out from the top of the case, and a ZVE rechargeable electric lighter that slides open from the back. 

ZVE Multifunctional iPhone Case

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