SPY Guide: The 10 Craziest USB Drives on Amazon

koala usb flash drive
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* 10 crazy USB flash drives available on Amazon
* Unique designs add to the appeal of these handy devices
* You’ll find everything from military styles to animals and beyond

Whether you need to transfer files or backup your photos, a USB flash drive is a useful bit of electrical kit. But you don’t need to have a standard design. Below you’ll find a list of some of the most unique personal drives, including one disguised as a key, a Swiss Army knife and a super cute koala bear.

1. Round Wood USB Flash Drive

If you know a wine lover, get this drive for them! It looks exactly like a cork until you pull it apart to reveal the flash drive connection hidden on the inside.

cork usb key Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Novelty Tooth USB Flash Drive

It may look crazy to some, but why not? This novelty-sized tooth houses a USB drive.  Choose one from 8GB all the way to 64GB for a handy tech tool that won’t cause a toothache.

tooth usb drive unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Verbatim 16GB Dog Tag USB Flash Drive

With the feel and look of an authentic dog tag, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is just military issue. However, within the metal casing is a thin sized USB drive ready for use whenever you need it. The USB drive comes with a lifetime warranty, while the included chain lets you keep your important files close to the chest.

dog tag usb drive unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Multifunction Folding Knife 16GB USB Flash Drive

No Swiss Army-style knife has ever been fully complete until now. You may have needed a knife, and had one. You may have needed a nail file, and had one… but did you have all that PLUS a flash drive? Now you do with this all-encompassing pocket knife flash drive.

swiss army usb drive folding knife unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Techkey USB Flash Drive

Just because it’s functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable. This flash drive from Techkey is covered from head to toe in rhinestones, providing you with a drive you’d be happy to wear on a Friday night out.

sparkle usb flash drive fashion unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Great White Shark Flash Drive

You can rest assured that your flash drive is safe with this animal looking after it. Featuring a great white shark cover, simply pop off the fish’s head to get to your drive. Is there a better way to celebrate #SharkWeek than buying one of these?

shark flash drive USB unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


7. PORTWORLD Koala Flash Drive

The most lovable member of our list, this drive boasts a cuddly koala bear. However, to find your USB drive, you must morbidly pop his head off. The bear also features a small chain for easy attaching to your key loop or backpack.

koala cute animal flash drive USB unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Brain Thumb Drive

Store your electrical data within your brain. We don’t mean your actual brain; we mean your brain-shaped USB drive. This quirky drive features a human brain design just to gross people out.

brain usb flash drive unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Crystal Ballpoint Pen Flash Drive

If James Bond keeps a USB drive, this is surely it. Hidden within the barrel of a working ballpoint pen, this is spy gear at its finest.

ballpoint pen usb flash drive spy unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


10. The Flash USB Flash Drive

There’s something satisfying about having a Flash-themed flash drive. Adorned with a portrait of the fastest hero alive, this “super” drive is a great gift for any comic fans.

the flash usb drive unique Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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