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Cyber Monday Is Almost Over But You Can Still Buy Kindles for Just $85

Cyber Monday is almost over, and if we’re being honest, the discounts haven’t been quite as big as they have been in years past. While Walmart has gone all-out with a truly ridiculous Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale, other retailers have been a little lackluster.

Traditionally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday brought discounts of 50% or more, whereas Cyber Monday 2022 has been characterized by discounts on the order of 15-20%. Still, a deal is a deal, and there are plenty of good discounts to be found at Amazon tonight.

If you still have some holiday shopping to do, then wrap up Cyber Monday with a new discount on one of the most popular Christmas gifts of 2022. For a little while longer, the brand-new Kindle, originally released in 2022, is discounted to $84.95. While the 15% Cyber Monday discount isn’t the biggest we’ve ever seen, this is a great chance to score the popular e-reader at its lowest-ever price.

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$84.99 $99.99 15% off

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The new Kindle has a 300 ppi high-resolution e-ink display, perfect for devouring the latest true-crime novel. On a single charge, the updated battery will last for six weeks at a time.

Amazon refreshed the Kindle earlier this year, with a few notable improvements. As mentioned above, the battery got a major upgrade, as did the display. The new Kindle also has more storage space, with 16GB of memory to store all of your favorite reads.

While we’re big fans of this device, we actually recommend spending a little bit more to get the ad-free version of the Kindle, which is also on sale for Cyber Monday. If you don’t spring for the ad-free version, the lock screen will display ads, which can be annoying.

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$104.99 $119.99 13% off

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If you don’t spring for the ad-free version of the Kindle, then your lockscreen will display ads for cheesy romance novels and other new books. While it’s kind of a ripoff, we do recommend spending a little more on the ad-free version, especially if you’re giving this to someone as a Christmas gift. This e-reader is available in both black and navy blue colors.