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This Best-in-Class Password Protection Tool Is Available For Free

An average day in our tech-dominated world involves many passwords. Checking your banking information, checking in for a flight, and even ordering groceries can all involve passwords, many of which are elaborate and complicated for protection purposes.

Keeping track of all the unique letter-number combinations can be a headache and slow down workflow, but having a simple password or using the same one for multiple accounts can leave your information at risk. Having a reliable, trustworthy password manager installed can help you keep track of all your complex logins and provide an extra layer of protection from hackers. Enter: Dashlane, one of SPY’s favorite password management tools for both individuals and companies.

Globally, data breaches are on the rise. Since the start of 2020, 2.5 billion accounts have been breached, leaving 10 out of 100 people affected by hacks that have compromised their information.

Even the largest, most prominent password managers have experienced hacks lately that have put millions of people’s information at risk. Dashlane uses the internet’s strongest level of encryption to protect both personal and business passwords, and its most basic membership is also completely free.

Dashlane’s password manager provides 24/7 protection through a Master Password that only you can change and uses end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge architecture so only you can access your information. Their manager is so secure, Dashlane can’t even access the information stored on their servers.

Dashlane is used by 15+ million users worldwide as well as 20,000+ organizations for safe password protection, offering different membership tiers for both personal and business use.

Courtesy of Dashlane

Dashlane Personal Password Manager

All of Dashlane’s personal password manager subscriptions come with protective features like U.S.-patented security architecture, personalized security alerts, and 2-factor authentication.

They offer four different personal plans:

Their Free Plan comes with basic features like a Password Generator, live chat support, and unlimited password storage and Autofill.

Their Advanced Plan includes additional features like the use of Dashlane on unlimited devices, Dark Web Monitoring, and secure sharing of unlimited passwords between devices.

Their Premium Plan comes with all of the above, as well as access to a secure VPN (virtual private network) for private, more secure browsing anywhere.

Lastly, their Friends & Family Plan includes up to 10 accounts under one membership and includes all of the security features listed above.

Dashlane Business Password Manager

Dashlane’s password manager for businesses comes with the same high-level security features as their personal plans, with an infrastructure built for use by companies. It enables IT admins to enforce best practices, like 2-factor authentication, and the Dark Web Monitoring feature continuously crawls through 20+ billion hacks records for potential threats to employees’ email addresses. It’s designed to be easy to deploy within your company’s single sign-on (SSO) and integrates seamlessly into employee workflows.

Managing employees’ password access is easy, so onboarding and hiring transitions go smoothly, and it’s got an award-winning UX with Autofill that works across the web. It’s also made for employees to be able to seamlessly and safely share passwords with each other without the need for IT support.

Dashlane has three different plans for businesses:

  • Starter — Available at $2/month
  • Team — Available at $5/month
  • Business — Available at $8/month

Their Starter Plan comes with up to 10 seats on one account, unlimited passwords, secure sharing, audit logs, and Dark Web Insights. This plan is perfect for super small startups or operations just getting off the ground.

Their Team Plan has everything in Starter, as well as unlimited seats and access to a secure VPN.

Their Business Plan implements everything in Team as well as single sign-on (SSO) integration, SCIM provisioning, a free Friends & Family personal plan for all users, and on-demand phone support so you can schedule a call with a human if you have a problem.

Don’t leave your information at risk, as one cracked login can cause other dominoes to fall and many accounts to be compromised. Use a trusted password manager, and you’re giving hackers another barrier to stealing your information.