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This Free Password Manager Has Never Been Breached, Unlike Some of Their Biggest Competitors

You’re checking your email one afternoon, spot a subject line, and suddenly feel your heart drop.

Open Immediately: Your Data’s Been Involved in a Breach.

“Uh-oh… what? Has my identity been stolen?! Is someone using my credit card to buy $400 Starbucks gift cards in Tallahassee?!?”

Not entirely, but you open the email to find out that data miners hacked the password manager you’ve been using, and your go-to login for every account from your Postmates to your boxing gym is now floating around on the dark web somewhere. We’re not entirely sure where the dark web is, but it doesn’t sound good.

There’s a better way. There’s a password manager out there that’s never been breached and employs industry-leading security measures that keep your data under lock and key, even from the manager itself. It’s called Dashlane, and it’s the password manager SPY editors are recommending for 2023.

Dashlane: The Security-First Password Manager That’s Never Been Breached

Dashlane is the security-first password management designed to make it easy for both individuals and companies to secure their data. They’ve secured over 2.5 billion credentials for 20,000+ organizations and 15+ million individuals, and have never been breached.

Both LastPass and Lifelock, two major password managers, have been breached in the past year. These hacks have put millions of peoples’ data at risk and potentially cost millions of dollars in damages. The average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million, and 80% of breaches are caused by weak, reused, or stolen employee passwords. Don’t leave yourself at risk by using a sub-par password and a vulnerable password manager.

Dashlane provides total data protection with a user-friendly interface and plenty of security features to keep you protected, including:

  • Complete end-to-end encryption: Dashlane Password Manager is encrypted from end-to-end and uses zero-knowledge architecture, so even they can’t see or access your information.
  • Continuous dark web scanning: Dashlane is always scanning over 20+ billion breach and hack records to find potential threats or undetected hacks.
  • Mandatory 2-factor authentication (2FA): If you’re worried about your employees not using 2FA, Dashlane will enforce it for you. It’s built to encourage users to use it as an extra layer of protection.

Dashlane Subscription: What You Get

From the very beginning of your subscription, Dashlane will tell you whether or not your personal or business information has been breached and give you instructions on what to do if it has. If you leave and cancel your Dashlane subscription, your data also leaves with you.

Dashlane offers two types of plans: personal and business.

Dashlane Personal Subscription — Starting at $0 Per Month

  • Dashlane’s personal password manager syncs all your passwords, payment information, notes, and IDs across an unlimited number of devices.
  • It automatically organizes all your passwords and categorizes them by type for easy access.
  • It can autofill forms and logins from any device, so there’s no need to type out anything where wandering eyes could see.
  • Dashlane also provides a strong Password Generator you can use to quickly come up with ultra-strong, complicated passwords you don’t have to memorize when setting up new accounts or changing your password for old accounts.

Dashlane offers four personal password manager plans: Free, Advanced, Premium, and Friends & Family.

  • Free: Dashlane’s free password manager plan comes with basic protection on one device with unlimited passwords and secure sharing.
  • Advanced ($2.75/month): Unlimited passwords and secure sharing on unlimited devices, plus Dark Web Monitoring.
  • Premium ($4.99/month): Everything in Advanced, plus access to a secure VPN for WiFi protection.
  • Friends & Family ($7.49/month): 10 separate Premium accounts with everything available within them, as well as access to the Friends & Family dashboard.

Dashlane Business Subscription — Starting at $2 Per Month

Dashlane’s password manager for businesses comes with all the same security features as the personal subscription, scaled up so administrators can protect company and employee information.

This includes:

  • Quick deployment with most identity providers
  • An easy employee onboarding and offboarding process, so sharing and revoking access to sensitive information is quick and easy
  • An award-winning UX design that makes auto-filling easy
  • Easy ways for employees to securely share credentials without IT, speeding up the process and enabling more optimal workflow

As an executive, manager, business owner, or administrator, Dashlane gives you visibility across your entire team and company.

You’ll be notified of breached passwords from employees, whether they use Dashlane or not, and Dashlane can enforce 2-factor authentication for you to maximize protection for all of your employees.

Dashlane offers three tiers of business password manager plans: Starter, Team, and Business.

  • Starter ($2.00/seat/month): The Starter plan is their introductory password manager for small teams of up to 10 users. It’s a flat fee of $2 per user per month up to $20 and includes unlimited passwords, audit logs, and Dark Web Insights.
  • Team ($5.00/seat/month): The Team plan comes with everything in the Starter plan for an unlimited number of seats, with the addition of access to a VPN for WiFi protection.
  • Business ($8.00/seat/month): The Business plan comes with everything you get with Team as well as SSO (single sign-on) integration, SCIM provisioning, a free Friends & Family personal plan for all members, and on-demand phone support.

Dashlane offers free trials for new business memberships, so click the link below to find out more.