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Get Huge Discounts on Alienware Gaming Gear During Dell’s Summer Sale may receive financial compensation from affiliate and advertising partnerships on this page and/or when you make a purchase after clicking through partnership links.

Your hottest summer of gaming has arrived. Dell’s Summer Sale kicked off with a bang on Monday, May 22 with huge deals of up to $900 off Alienware gaming desktop computers, gaming laptops, and monitors. Customers will also get 2x Dell Rewards during the Summer Sale with 6% back on each purchase, as well as free expedited shipping.* The sale runs through Memorial and into the first week of June. It won’t last forever, so jump on the savings while you can!

Alienware has been an elite provider of gaming rigs and gear for over 25 years, but their stuff rarely goes on sale. There’s a reason Alienware laptops, desktops, and peripherals are a constant presence on “best of” lists for PC gaming year after year — they work well and last a long time. Here are a few of the best deals from Dell’s Summer Sale, hand-selected by SPY editors.

$1,899.99 $2,799.99 32% off

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The creatively-shaped chassis and supernatural blue glow from the transparent side panel look vaguely, well, alien. It’s fitting because the Alienware Aurora R13 Desktop with Intel Core i9 processor delivers a truly out-of-this-world gaming experience. The 12th-gen Intel Core i9 processor is lightspeed-quick, running up to 5 GHz in Turbo mode. NVIDIA 2nd-Gen RTX graphic cards pair with AMD Radeon Image Sharpening to create silky smooth graphic performance, and Radeon Anti-Lag controls save you from glitching in the heat of an online battle. Marathon gamers can grind all day without worrying about melting their rig because the Aurora R13’s next-level Cryo-Tech cooling system has an 11% larger-than-standard heat exchanger to keep the Aurora from overheating. A $900 discount on a rig like this is also too good a deal to pass up.

$1,199.99 $1,949.99 38% off

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If the discounted price tag on the R13 is still a little too rich for your blood, you can take a small step down in perks and a giant plunge in price by grabbing the same machine with an Intel Core i7 processor. Marked down all the way to $1,199.99, you still get elite-level gaming performance from an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card, and unlike many other competing high-end gaming rigs, the Aurora R13 is whisper-quiet despite its considerable power. You can check on the Aurora R13’s performance through the built-in Alienware Command center, which monitors thermal control, overclocking, and even the color of the FX lighting zones.

$1,499.99 $2,199.99 32% off

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If portable gaming is your thing, Alienware has you covered with the M17 R5 Gaming Laptop, which starts at $1,499.99 — $700 off the regular retail price of $2,199.99. Alienware says this is the world’s most powerful 17-inch AMD Advantage gaming laptop, and it’s easy to see why. This portable powerhouse’s base configuration includes an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H processor which can cook up to 4.7 GHz, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti video card, 16 GB of memory, and a 1TB hard drive that can be expanded up to a massive 4TB. The 17.3-inch display comes standard with Dolby Vision for an incredibly lifelike and immersive visual experience, bolstered by the advanced Dolby Atmos sound. The keyboard — an integral and often-overlooked component to quality laptop gaming — has per-key AlienFX lighting and German-engineered stainless steel switches for a 15-million-keystroke lifespan. Take $700 off this backpack-friendly dynamo during Dell’s Summer Sale.

$999.99 $1,099.99 9% off

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Even the best gaming setups can be completely thwarted by a mediocre monitor. If you can’t see your game in amazing color and with smooth, glitch-free movements, what’s the point? Alienware’s 34-inch curved QD-OLED gaming monitor is the absolute perfect companion to your Alienware desktop or laptop rigs, and customers who use code MONITOR10 get $100 off during the Dell Summer Sale. The 3440 x 1440 resolution and slippery quick 165 Hz refresh rate make this the monitor to live up to the power of your Alienware desktop or laptop for peak lag-free gaming sessions. And if you haven’t played on a curved monitor yet, you’re in for a serious treat. You’ll never go back to a cheap flatscreen again once you’ve set yourself up with the unbeatable combo of an Alienware gaming computer and monitor.

*Rewards must be used within 90 days of purchase