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This Awesome Desktop Vacuum Is Only $12, And Will Help Decrumb That Keyboard

Keeping any desk clean can be hellish, but this tiny desktop vacuum cleaner can help make it a far easier affair, and it’s 20% off today, making it a mere $11.99. This thing is specifically designed to help get all of that rubbish from in-between keyboard keys, which is vital if the user works from home and also eats at their desk.

This little vacuum can be used for other things too, and has an impressive suction power given its size, is incredibly easy to empty, and even comes with a nozzle attachment for those times when a little more accuracy and focus are needed. It’s also USB-rechargeable, which means keeping it on a desk at home or at work makes perfect sense, and just using it at the end of the day to go over the keyboard and mouse will keep them clean.

This is the perfect addition to any setup that needs a little bit more TLC, and goes especially well with other desk upgrades like the adjustable laptop desk mount SPY wrote about yesterday. It’s also just a great way to help keep the best mechanical keyboards healthy for longer, meaning they’ll last a little bit longer too.

$11.99 $14.99 20% off

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This handheld palm-sized vacuum cleaner is the ideal way to clean dust and crumbs out of harder-to-reach areas like in between keys on a keyboard, a piano, or even giving a computer a once over. It has high enough suction power to be able to grab smaller debris with ease, a nozzle for more directed vacuuming, and is USB-rechargeable, making it incredibly easy to leave on any desk.