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Diablo Immortal: 12 Reasons Why We’re Excited About This Game

The Diablo series has been a longtime favorite among gamers, with Diablo II carrying the torch as the most beloved. In fact, we’d go as far as calling it one of the best PC games ever made. Even if Diablo III wasn’t the fan favorite many had hoped it would turn out to be, it’s still been nine years since the game launched — and Blizzard has been silent about a definitive release date on Diablo 4.

Diablo Immortal is a different story. When the game was first announced, the majority of the fanbase turned their noses up at the idea of a mobile version of Diablo — after all, no one wanted it to become lost in a sea of pointless microtransactions. Since that time, Blizzard announced that it would also be coming to PC, while simultaneously impressing players in the early alpha and beta tests of the game.

With a release date just over a month away, fans are gearing up to once more immerse themselves in the world of one of the best RPG games ever, with many fans (this author included) hoping to once again get the “just one more run” looting and endgame experience that Diablo II brought to the table.

So why is everyone so excited? We think we’ve got a pretty good idea. Here are 12 reasons we’re excited about Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal is completely free to play

You can experience Diablo Immortal as soon as it drops, whether on PC or mobile platforms. This means a higher player base, so a lot more people will get to experience the game than otherwise might.

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Diablo Immortal is crossplay and cross-progression

The announcement of crossplay is a massive win for the title, as it means PC players and mobile players can join up to tackle dungeons and challenges in a brand-new way. Android and iOS players won’t be limited to their respective platforms either. It also means you can play on your PC, then switch to the mobile version on the go without losing progress.


Microtransactions are completely optional

Any free-to-play game brings with it fears of being riddled with microtransactions and a pay-to-win mindset. Too often, free players find they have to grind unnecessarily to compete on anywhere near the same level as paid players. Early reports of Diablo Immortal state that all transactions are completely optional and largely consist of cosmetic items, a battle pass and in-game currency.


All versions of Diablo Immortal are controller-compatible

Diablo Immortal is a mobile-first game, despite the existence of the PC version. That said, Blizzard has stated that both the mobile and PC versions will have controller support for movement and gameplay, and PC players will have the option to use a WASD-based control layout. It’s a first for PC players in a game franchise that has always been defined by pointing and clicking to move around the map.

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It’s a sequel to Diablo II

All of the games in the Diablo franchise are related, but Diablo Immortal is a more direct sequel to Diablo II than even Diablo III. It takes place five years after the Worldstone is destroyed (spoilers for a 22-year-old game) and lays out how exactly things became as dark and grim as they are in Diablo III. Some fan-favorite characters are promised to make an appearance, including Tyrael and Deckard Cain.

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Most of the game can be played solo

If you’re not fond of teaming up with other players, Diablo Immortal’s core activities can be tackled on your own. You won’t have to play with others unless you want to. However, some end-game content will likely require teaming up with other players — at least until someone discovers a build that completely breaks the game. And trust us, they will.


There are PVP factions

Some of the most fun experiences in Diablo come from reaching max level and becoming a player-killer. It’s what people did once all of the endgame content had been completed. Diablo Immortal allows up to 500 players to join a faction called “The Immortals,” while an unlimited number of players can join the “Shadows” faction.

The PVP gameplay sounds like it’s going to be incredible. The Immortals have to fight to maintain their positions and can be displaced by other players. They also have the option to earn particularly powerful loot, which makes working your way up the ranks that much more appealing.


More players can party up together

Traditionally, only four players at a time could join for PvE content. Up to eight players can join together in a Warband to take on challenging bosses, while the PvP mode features up to 48 players in a group, with 12 player sub-groups each taking on a boss at the same time.


Gameplay is more team-focused

Diablo has always had a variety of classes to play as, although there have been six that appear in most versions of the game and will continue to be in Diablo Immortal. They are the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Crusader and Wizard.

Though these classes will play much like you remember them, abilities have been changed to promote cooperation. One example given is that a Wizard can freeze an enemy in place, then fire another attack that will shatter the ice crystals and hit multiple foes instead of just a single one. Diablo Immortal also maintains the ultimate skill mechanic from Diablo III.

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Gameplay will be shorter and faster-paced

Blizzard has stated that gameplay won’t be exactly the same as it was in previous games. After all, with the mobile player base in mind, people aren’t going to spend hours traversing a single area. You can expect gameplay to be focused on shorter segments at a time, but this will give it a pick-up-and-play mentality that makes it perfect for commuting.


There will be a constant stream of free updates

Blizzard has stated that they plan to continue supporting Diablo Immortal for some time to come with a lot of new gear, story content and areas to explore. Much of these releases will be guided by early player reception and feedback, but the release of new content should keep the game fresh and exciting.


The release date is just around the corner

Diablo Immortal is scheduled to release on June 2 for both Android and iOS, and enter into open beta on PC that same day. You can pre-register for the game now through the official website and snag a few exclusive cosmetics in the process.


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