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See Your Loved Ones Every Time You Walk Into a Room

* Motion sensor turns frame on and off
* Photo and 720HD video playback
* Remote control included

A picture is worth a thousand words. So just think how much a thousand pictures would say. With the convenience of digital photo frames, you can have just that. Thousands upon thousands of pictures can now be kept on a thumb drive and displayed for all to see. Things go one step further with a new motion sensor frame from Nix that turns on and off every time someone walks in the room. This is a neat way of being “greeted” by loved ones as you arrive at the office in the morning or get home from a long day of work in the evening. 

The digital photo frame with motion sensor from Nix is able to display pictures in any order you like. You can set it to display alphabetically, by date or randomly. You can also play 720HD video and have it interspersed amid your pictures. Files are read from either an SD card or a USB thumb drive, so transferring and updating pictures to your digital frame is always simple and convenient. As for the motion sensor, it can be set to turn off anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes minutes of no movement in a room.

The frame will make a great addition to any home or office. It also makes a great gift idea. Perhaps you have a relative or loved one who is worried about leaving a digital frame on all day. Now with this motion sensor digital frame from Nix, they will never have to worry again.

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