Feel the Rhythm in Your Feet (Literally) With These Vibrating Sneakers

drop labs shoes
Courtesy of Carlyn Thompson

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They say that when you hear a great song you can often feel it in your bones, but these shoes actually let you feel it in your feet. That’s right—Droplabs has just released their new line of vibrating sneakers, and we can’t wait to dance to the rhythm of the beat.

The EP 01s are proof positive that technology and style can often intersect in wonderful and unexpected ways. While on the outside they look and feel like your everyday pair of sneakers (albeit more expensive ones), these babies are actually equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology. Perhaps even more impressive, they also feature a teeny tiny transducer and come with a state-of-the-art power source, which lets you sync your shoes with any and every smart device. Sure, it sounds cool, but the main question on everyone’s mind right now is ‘Why?’

Well, for starters, these sneaker speakers can essentially help you take your audio experience to the next level—no matter the medium. Whether you’re listening to some choice tunes, watching a Blu-ray on the big screen, or are simply lounging about with your headphones, these sneakers can help you feel every sound, every beat, and every moment with more visceral clarity than ever before.

drop labs shoes Courtesy of Carlyn Thompson

But diving a little deeper and you’ll see they offer other benefits. In addition to just looking and feeling extremely unique, these vibrating sneakers let you hone in directional audio sources, which means you can almost feel when a specific sound is coming from your left, your right, in front of you, or even below. Gamers can attest to the fact that knowing where your opponent is at all times and being able to “feel” them coming by essentially sensing where their movements are coming from can give anyone a leg-up in a competition.

drop labs shoes Courtesy of Carlyn Thompson

These sneakers are the beginning of an entirely new type of wearable tech, and we’re excited about their potential. With the first run of any product, their are sure to be some bumps along the way, but Droplabs’ EP 01s show a lot of promise. We never knew feeling the music could be so awesome until, well, we felt it for ourselves.