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This Waterproof Black Diamond Headlamp With Night Vision and 500 Lumens is Worth Every Dollar

* Seeing clearly in the dark is just about the only thing we care about when camping
* This Black Diamond headlamp is well worth the investment
* With powerful LED lights and night vision modes

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, there is nothing worse than a dim light from your headlamp or flashlight, limiting your vision and causing you to trip over nature and put yourself at risk. So, investing in quality camping gear should mean putting a durable and powerful light at the very top of your list. There are affordable flashlights for under $10 out there and LED flashlights that will endure through a long camping trip, but the benefits of an adjustable and super bright headlamp is the best investment you can make if you want a hands-free light source that goes where you go.

Black Diamond designed this waterproof (can be submerged up to one meter of water for 30 minutes) and dustproof headlamp for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts who need to see in a variety of conditions. The white LED light emits 500 lumens (just under 40 watts) and can adjust from red, green and blue light for what you need at the moment. What is great about all of these options is it makes it a multi-use light that is not limited to just campers. The blue light is widely used for navigation and reading maps and charts at night while the green light is excellent for more tactical expeditions like hunting because the green filter does not bother big game while scouting. The red light can be used to sign other hunters or campers at night as it is a more mild light that won’t surprise anyone and make them wince.

The spotlight feature is great for focusing on a particular subject while the double power light is excellent for walking around as it casts a wider light. With a brightness memory feature, the headlamp adjusts to different brightness levels without having to turn the headlamp on and off, which will save you battery life. Another important feature is the power level meter that shows you your remaining battery life, which is necessary if you are planning on trekking out and need to know the dependability of your light source. Although it is more expensive than the average headlamp on the market, I can’t tell you how many of these lower cost products I have gone through that are made with faulty plastic and have low battery life, causing disappointment both on the trail and when packing for the next trip. This Icon headlamp comes from a reputable brand and reviewers who back it up with enough convincing evidence to have us ready to invest.

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