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This Water Resistant 950-Lumen Tactical Flashlight Is Now Less Than $10

Finding an under-$10 deal on Amazon isn’t hard. Finding a good under-$10 deal on Amazon takes more doing because you have to wade through a lot of tchotchkes to find a true gem.

Thankfully for you, sifting through the deals is what we do, and this one on the Energizer LED Tactical Flashlight is a terrific little find. Click on that 50% coupon box on the page, and you’re scoring a handy and versatile name-brand flashlight for just $8.50. That 50% discount is in addition to a pre-existing 13% discount, offering combined savings of 57%.

A good flashlight is an absolute must-have, and Energizer’s flashlights are better than good. From this excellent headlamp to powerful camping lanterns, Energizer makes highly rated, reliable, bright flashlights at a friendly price. The Energizer LED Tactical Flashlight is another excellent example.

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What Makes This Energizer LED Tactical Flashlight a Great Deal?

There are more sub-$10 flashlights than you can shake a stick at. Still, very few are built with the quality and durability of the Energizer Hardcase Professional Pivot Plus Swivel Head Flashlight. The brightness and weatherproofing make it a must-add for your car’s glove compartment in case of emergency, and the magnetic base and drop-proofing make it an ideal garage or home-workshop addition.

  • $8.50 when on-page 50% coupon is used
  • Comes with four Energizer Max AA batteries
  • Free two day delivery with Prime membership
  • 4.5-star Amazon rating
  • Weather (IPX4) and drop (3-feet) resistant
  • 950 lumens

What We Love About the Energizer LED Tactical Flashlight

The versatility of this flashlight is fantastic. It’s an ideal addition to your emergency kit, toolbox, garage, or handy in a utility drawer or bedside table drawer.

It’s a perfect flashlight for working under the hood of a car, under a sink, or in any other tight space where lighting may be hard to come by. You have a fantastic range for directing its powerful 950-lumens LED beam exactly where you need to see. Plus, the ergonomic handle ensures you won’t need to fumble for control while working.

As a safety tool, that bright LED beam projects 250 meters into the distance, which can be a lifesaver if you’re lost or need to summon help. And the IPX4 waterproof rating means you can take it out in a storm and not worry about it shorting out on you.

The Energizer LED Tactical Flashlight is tough enough for any project. It can withstand drops of up to three feet, and it can run for four hours continuously on high mode and up to ten hours on low mode with four fresh AA batteries, so take it on the job with confidence.

You shouldn’t be able to find this kind of flashlight for $9, yet here we are. Jump on this deal before that 50% off coupon goes dark.

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