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Why You Should Care About the Essential Phone

* The Essential Phone hopes to throw a curveball in the smartphone scene
* Among the great features is a beautiful edge-to-edge display
* Includes two powerful 4k cameras,  jaw-dropping specs and impressive hardware

Developed by the man who created Android (yeah, that guy), Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is nothing short of amazing. With a beautiful full-screen display, scratch — and drop-proof — build, and more features than you can shake a stick at, this is one phone you won’t want to miss.

After starting his own incubator a few, years ago, Rubin’s Essential startup was able to raise more than $300 million, giving him the green light to begin working on what may just be the greatest smartphone ever made. Now, as production is well underway, the Essential startup is estimated to be worth $1 billion. 

As The Verge reports, the Essential will cost $699 and will feature an edge-to-edge display that, simply put, completely obliterates competitors. Unlike other models, the Essential’s screen covers the phone from top to bottom. It’s the most impressive phone display yet.

When it comes to hardware, the Essential will naturally run the latest Android operating system and will include 4GB of ram, 128GB of storage and even an extra powerful Qualcomm 835 processor.

The phone itself is made with both titanium and ceramic, so scuff marks and the occasional drop shouldn’t be an issue. But where the Essential really shines is in the accessories. Backed with a magnetic port, dual 13 and 8-megapixel cameras with 360-degree compatibility and built-in wireless data transfer connectivity, Rubin and Co. didn’t leave anything out.

For better or worse, the Essential won’t include the traditional headphone jack, though some speculate various audio add-ons could come later with the magnetic port. The exact release date is still TBD.