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This Eufy Security Sale Has Cameras, Smart Locks, And More With Up To 43% Off

Eufy Security is responsible for some of the best security cameras and best smart locks around, and today there’s a big sale that reduces many of their items by up to 43% off. That means it’s easy to pick up a new camera or something else to help everyone feel safer at home, or just for the convenience they can bring when looking after kids or pets.

While there are a fair few things on sale today, SPY has gone through them all and picked our five of the best things to buy when it comes to a mix of value, general usefulness, and the size of the discount. After all, everyone loves a deal, but everyone loves a deal that’s on something actually useful even more.

SPY’s top pick is an outdoor camera with 30% off that does an exceptional job of keep an eye on things, and it even has a spotlight built-in too, which can help make people feel a lot safer if they’re getting home after dark, and don’t like fumbling for their keys without being able to see all that well.

$55.99 $79.99 30% off

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This security camera is an excellent choice for outdoor spaces, and has 1080p resolution, a spotlight, color night vision, and is weatherproof. It also has no subscription too, which is always a big win.

$83.99 $139.99 40% off

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This awesome smart lock is easy-to-install, allows for five different user-controlled methods of entry, most of which are easier than fumbling for keys, and has plenty of added security as well.

$28.99 $42.99 33% off

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This tiny little camera has 2K visuals, can detect humans and poets, works with voice assistants, has night vision, two-way audio, and is a perfect little thing to have in baby room or just for added security.

$129.99 $199.99 35% off

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This outdoor security camera is solar-powered, which means it is wireless, has 2K resolution, and has a motion-activated spotlight too, making it an amazing all-in-one security device.

$16.99 $29.99 43% off

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Nobody likes losing things, and this little card makes it easy to find things. It works with the eufy Security App to allow the user to easily track it down and has an alarm too.