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First Look: The Eufy Wall Light Cam Is an Ideal 2-in-1 Security Device

Security is a big part of a lot of our lives, especially as we get older and start thinking more about our families and homes. Grabbing yourself one of the best DIY home security kits can help a lot, but a good outdoor security camera can do wonders for your peace of mind.

Eufy has announced the new Eufy Wall Light Cam, and it’s not just a camera but a powerful security light as well. That’s not all, though, as it’s got a few nifty features that help make it an excellent amalgamation of your security needs. The device will cost $149.99 when it releases, which is meant to be in February 2023. Here’s why we’re looking forward to it.

Why We’re Excited For The Eufy Wall Light Cam

The Eufy Wall Light Cam is, at least at its core, an interesting prospect because it combines two key parts of most security setups; a motion-activated light and a camera. However, that’s just the base appeal of the device.

It’s the features that this thing has that really have us looking forward to trying it out because it packs in 2K HD visuals with wide view and color night vision, a 105db siren to help scare people off or alert somebody, up to 25 days of local storage, and a remote control, timer, and dusk-to-dawn automation.

It’s a long list of features that means that the Eufy Wall Light Cam won’t just keep an eye on your home and light up sometimes, but it’ll be an active part of keeping you safe and doing so in a fairly affordable package. Plus, not having to faff around with more devices is always a blessing.

Eufy Wall Light Cam Pricing And Availability

If you’re keen to get your hands on this 2-in-1 device, you’ll be glad to know it will be available next month. And given all it does, $149.99 is not a bad starting point for your peace of mind.