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This Touchless Vacuum Makes Sweeping a Breeze Even For Lazy People

* Vacuuming can be a frustrating chore
* This vacuum sucks back excess dust and debris for you
* Makes sweeping and vacuuming a breeze

Vacuuming is often all about mastering the delicate balance between trying to remove dirt and dust, while managing to not bump into all your furniture or test the limits of your extension cord. The makers of the EyeVac recognize all these common cleaning problems, and they’ve come up with an easy solution. The

is surprisingly stationary. Simply place it in the location of your choice, sweep dirt and debris toward it, and it will absorb it with its powerful suction feature. It contains 1000 watts of power, and uses cyclonic vacuum action and dual filtration to get even the most stubborn of dust particles.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Because of it’s unique design, the EyeVac is able to tackle even the most highly trafficked settings because of its ability to quickly and efficiently grab dirt, dust, hairs, allergens and more. It’s also highly portable, as it weighs less than 16 pounds. Rather than using a bag, the EyeVac can store up to 4.8 liters of debris in its canister, so it contents can be easily emptied into the garbage. It’s red light will illuminate when the canister is full to remind you when to change it. The EyeVac can even run on hardwood floors, carpets and tile.