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These Fast Charging USB-C Cables Are Under $4 Each, So Get Them And Fast-Charge Phones, Controllers, And More

This two-pack of fast-charging cables is only $6.99, which means it’s just under $3.50 per cable, and that’s just a silly amount of value. Thanks to the sheer ubiquity of USB-C cables now, it also means whoever buys this gets one of the best cables for charging a huge variety of different gadgets. It also means these cables are some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories, and they work incredibly well with the best Anker chargers too.

These cables support fast charging for a lot of devices, and are also compatible with basically any USB-C device. That means things like Samsung Galaxy Phones, the Nintendo Switch, a lot of portable chargers, and even PS5 controllers are all about to get charged, and that’s really the dream when buying any new cable.

They also have a fair few safety features. The nylon-braided cable makes the whole thing a lot sturdier, and they’ve also got a plastic casing around the neck of the cable to help relieve strain. The combination of these things means that the cables can stand up to over 10,000 bends, and that should be more than enough.

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These cables are incredibly sturdy, being rated for over 10,000 bends, have over six feet of cable each, and can fast-charge a wide range of devices. They’re perfect for those who want extra charging for phones, PS5 controllers, or even the Nintendo Switch itself. They’re also a nice color, which is always a nice bonus.