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This Fast Wireless Charging Station Is Only $16, And Works With Loads Of Phones

This fast wireless charging station is an excellent way to charge a lot of different phones, and it’s currently only $15.99, thanks to a big 47% discount on the usual price of $29.98. The features on offer mean that it rivals the best iPhone chargers and best Anker chargers too, so this is one charging station that’ll help make life easier, and more importantly, faster.

This wireless charging station has four different charging speeds. The 15W charging speed is for LG phones, the 10W one if for Samsung Galaxy phones, the 7.5W is for iPhones, and then the standard 5W is for any other device capable of wireless charging. That flexibility is a big part of the appeal here, outside of the bargain price tag, of course.

It’s not just fast though, it’s also safe. This station has built-in real-time temperature protection that constantly keeps an eye on the heat levels to make sure nothing gets damaged, and it also has superconductivity coils that allow it to work both stood up, or in a horizontal mode, so the user can keep watching things or playing on their phone while it’s charging. Plus, the LED light detects if its night time or not, so it’ll turn off to make it better suited to overnight charging.

$15.99 $29.98 47% off

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This little station is an incredible way to charge nearly any compatible phone, because it has a 15W fast-charging speed, is easy to connect a phone to, works as a stand if the user still wants to use the phone itself, and can even automatically adapt the speed to fit the device it’s charging. It’s safe too, with built-in temperature control, and has an adaptive LED light that’ll turn itself off when it’s dark, so it can be used at night time.