See the Problem Before You Fix it with an Inspection Camera

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Diagnosing a plumbing problem in the house without being able to see what the issue is can be a huge problem. Nobody wants to start tearing things apart just to find the issue. That’s where an inspection camera can really come in handy. Inspection cameras are essentially snakes with a camera on the end of them that can get into difficult and dark places to show you want is going on.

To show you why you definitely need a fiber optic camera in your toolbox, this article will cover:

  • How inspection cameras work
  • Why you need an inspection camera
  • The best inspection cameras for sale in 2020

How Inspection Cameras Work

Inspection cameras are generally attached to a flexible cable that can range anywhere from four to 33 feet long. The end of the camera is usually equipped with LED lights to illuminate the dark pipes or crevices so you can see exactly what’s going on. The camera is usually attached to an LCD viewfinder to view what the camera is looking at. There are also wireless options that can connect to your phone or mobile devices via WiFi.

Why You Need an Inspection Camera

For anyone who’s ever spent thousands of dollars at a car repair shop just to take it home and the issue still persists, or anyone who has ever “fixed” the plumbing under the sink just to discover that the leak is still there — an inspection camera is the tool you’re missing. Some issues, especially home plumbing and automotive, can be impossible to diagnose without starting to take things apart — and you might not even know what you’re looking for as you’re taking things apart, and that can lead to more problems.

Inspection cameras provide an opportunity to find out exactly what is going on in your plumbing or engine before you jack up your car and start taking things apart. This allows you to create a plan to fix your issue, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Best Inspection Cameras For Sale in 2020

There are a good amount of inspection cameras available in 2020. Some are great options for your car and others for hard to get places like deep down in your sink drain. Regardless, we’ve picked options to cover a whole gamut of needs. If you’ve got a problem you can’t see, the best inspection cameras below will help you get to the source of the issue.


1. Depstech Wireless Endoscope


A high-quality inspection camera with a lengthy cable, that’s waterproof and also affordable is a match made in heaven. All you need to do is download the app and it connects wirelessly to your smartphone. It features a 2MP camera along with a LED light making it great for dark or wet areas such as drainpipes or engines. And with the 11.5-foot cable, you’ll have plenty of slack to reach what’s causing the issue.

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2. Nidage Wireless Endoscope


When you need to get an eye on the hard to see places under the hood, the Nidage Wireless inspection camera can help. Available in both 11.5 and 33-foot options, you’ll have plenty of slack to find any issue. The wireless camera has 1080p resolution and a LED light providing a clear picture even in the dark crevices of your engine. This camera is great for diagnosing problems in your car without having to deconstruct your engine first.

inspector cameras nidage Courtesy of Amazon

3. Teslong Industrial Endoscope with Screen


The camera, cable and display are all completely waterproof on this inspection camera, so if you accidentally drop it in the toilet as you’re running the snake down the drain, it won’t be an issue. The 3.5-inch LCD monitor works right out of the box, with no need to download any apps or connect it to your WiFi. The camera is slim, and the 10-foot cable makes it a great option for hard to get areas like spark plugs or down narrow water pipes like sprinkler systems. And the rechargeable batteries ensure that your camera is always ready to work whenever you are.

inspector camera teslong industrial Courtesy of Amazon

4. Fantronics USB Snake Inspection Camera


This inspection camera connects directly to your Samsung, HTC, Sony or MacBook through the USB Type-C port (it’s not compatible with iPhone). You can download the Mscopes, AN98, OTG or Camerafi2 apps from the Google Play store to operate the camera. The inspection camera itself is waterproof with eight LED lights to illuminate dark areas for a clearer picture and comes with a 16.4-foot cable providing plenty of leeway for hard to reach places.

inspector camera fantronics Courtesy of Amazon

5. Oiiwak Industrial Endoscope Home Drain Snake Camera


The 5.5mm camera makes this an ideal inspection camera for tight spaces like in-home drains and appliances. It’s waterproof and has six LED lights to illuminate those dark pipes as you look for your problem. The camera features a 3x digital zoom as well as full color, so you can accurately diagnose what’s going on in your pipes. It even has a magnetic tip along with a hook tip for those times when you need to retrieve a dropped bolt or screw down the drain.

inspector cameras Oiiwak Courtesy of Amazon

6. Rigid 40043 Hand-Held Inspection Camera


This inspection camera is great for diagnosing issues in your home or car when the issue is just out of reach. Sporting a four-foot cable that is non-extendable, the camera and cable are connected to a handheld controller and monitor. You can view the content on the 2.4-inch LCD display, or you can record the video and images and transfer them to an external device. The cable, camera and monitor are all heavy-duty and can really take a beating without being phased.

inspector camera rigid Courtesy of Amazon

7. Depstech Wireless Otoscope


Sometimes, something can be irritating inside of your ear or nose and it can be near impossible to find out what’s going on. That’s where the Depstech Wireless Otoscope comes in. Connect this camera (it looks like a thermometer) to your phone and find out what’s going on in your mouth, nose or ear. This is a great option for kids and pets, too.

inspector camera otoscope Courtesy of Amazon

8. Skybasic Industrial Endoscope


The large 4.3-inch display makes the contents of the 1080p camera easy to examine and gives you a better diagnosis of what’s going on. The 16.5-foot cable is semi-rigid, so it’s both stiff and flexible to push and bend it down weirdly angled pipes. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can run it down your home plumbing system without having to worry about the camera getting damaged. No need for an app or phone, everything you need is right in the box.

inspector camera skybasic Courtesy of Amazon

9. Bosch GIC 120 C Industrial Inspection Camera


This heavy-duty Bosch GIC 120 fiber-optic camera is handheld with its own display. The three-foot cable isn’t the longest, but it has an “up is up” feature that always keeps the picture in the correct orientation, making the video easier to view. It also has a bright LED to keep your image well lit. You can record the video and photos and save them to a micro SD card for later diagnosis.

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