Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick: Use Your Remote as QWERTY Keyboard for Only $20

iPazzPort Keyboard
Image courtesy Amazon

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Your Amazon Fire TV experience is about to get even better. Boy Genius Report found two mini keyboards for use with Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick that let you use your remote as a QWERTY keyboard. Get the details and shop below.

From BGR:
If you own an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you know how fantastic these devices are. There’s a reason the Fire TV line is one of Amazon’s best-selling product lines of all time. The Fire TV gives you access to more apps and content than you can possibly watch in a lifetime, and it’s all available in a sleek, user-friendly interface. As great as the Fire TV is, however, there’s a simple way to make it even better.

[caption id="attachment_59876" align="aligncenter" width="240"]iPazzPort KP-810-30B Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]

The iPazzPort Mini bluetooth Keyboard for Fire TV or for the Fire TV Stick is a hand accessory for Fire TV. Just pop in your remote, and you’ve got a full QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips at all times.

Mini Wireless Keyboard Work with Fire TV Image courtesy Amazon

Here are some more details from the product page:
– The iPazzPort for Fire TV allows you to easily enter text for searches in a traditional type writer layout. No need to hunt and peck with the Amazon remote.(Doesn’t work with Fire TV Stick)
– Easily connects with your existing Fire TV with an included USB receiver. Just plug it into the back of the Fire TV and it connects easily
– The included silicone sleeve allows you to combine the iPazzPort and the Amazon remote into a single unit. Keep both together for ease of use…and no more losing remote controls
– If not work or lost connection with device,re-sync as below steps:1.Under setting. select Device;2.Developer options;3.Under
ADB debugging, switch ON to OFF; 4.Replug the usb dongle to use it. Then hit any keys to test. If still can’t work, contact seller directly to get further solution.

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