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Flash Sale on Flash Drives and More: Up to 61% Off SanDisk and Western Digital on Amazon

If you’re kicking yourself for missing Amazon’s sale on SanDisk portable SSD drives earlier this month, kick no longer. The deal is back, and this time they’ve added Western Digital internal and external drives and memory to make it a bigger and better sale.

Call it a day for the data: laptop backups, gaming files and all those thousands of priceless digital photos need to be safely backed up and preserved. Or maybe your laptop or desktop computer needs a bigger brain. With savings of up to 61% on a long list of SanDisk and Western Digital drives, now is the time to stock up and bring order to your digital life

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What Makes SanDisk and Western Digital Drives and Memory a Great Deal

Need a portable external SSD for taking your files on your person? A huge internal HDD or SSD to upgrade your laptop or desktop? Maybe just a micro SD card for your camera or drone, or a few little thumb drives? They’re all here, and they’re all marked way down. Check out the best of the bunch:

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What We Love About SanDisk and Western Digital Drives and Memory

Hard drives and memory are not cheap and yet they’re absolutely necessary, as anyone can tell you after they score an amazing deal on a computer only to find they don’t have enough memory, and need to buy and install more. As the old saying goes, “Do you want it now or when you get it?” That’s true of gaming consoles too, by the way. Some of the best games are absolute data hogs, which makes an external drive almost essential.

Thankfully, there are so many options at great prices here. WD’s mega-sized desktop external hard drives, the MyBook 18TB and the Elements 16TB, are virtually impossible to fill. SanDisk’s keychain-friendly Extreme Portable drives go up to 4TB in size and are tough and durable, ideal for road warriors and coffee-shop remote workers. Ad in SanDisk’s memory cards and WD’s wide array of internal hard drives and solid-state drives, and all of your data storage and memory bases are amply covered.

Don’t be that panicked person haranguing the Geek Squad to please rescue their entire life’s worth of photos and data from the laptop that just got wiped out by a spilled drink, or the one staring at a computer moving at Commodore 64 speeds because it barely has enough memory to boot up. Load up now on this flash sale and sleep easy knowing your essential data is safe and sound.

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