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Florsheim’s Portable Charger Is Shaped Like (What Else?) A Dress Shoe

We’re big fans of tech and style at SPY, so we take note when the two collide. It’s why we’re into (or at least curious about) Florsheim’s foray into tech. If you want to keep your phone charged but do it with a little more panache, then the brand’s external battery pack might be the ticket for you. Florsheim’s portable charger is shaped like none other than their best-selling Kenmoor wingtip dress shoe.

Florsheim Shoe Company was founded in 1892 and has established itself as a go-to destination for classic dress shoes. While old-school American footwear brands like Alden and Red Wing have focused on a higher price point, Florsheim has established itself as a budget-friendly brand, while still boasting the kind of bona fides you get from over 100 years in business.

The brand makes a range of casual dress sneakers and boots, too, as well as accessories like travel bags and duffels. And apparently, they’re branching out into tech, too, in the most Florsheim way possible. It’s hard to tell the scale from the photo, but it’s a battery pack in the shape of a shoe, not a shoe with a battery pack built in.

The charger is just under 5″ long, so it should be easy to take on the go to help keep your phone topped up. Florsheim doesn’t list the mAh of the battery pack, so we’re willing to bet the battery is pretty small, meaning it may not rank high on the list of the best portable chargers.

The battery pack also comes with a short USB to micro USB cable, making it somewhat outdated, considering that USB C is rapidly becoming standard. But frankly, we’re guessing that most people aren’t buying this for the tech specs, but rather for the novelty of a shoe-shaped portable charger.

For $25, it’s also an affordable option for anyone shopping for a stocking stuffer. If there’s a stylish guy you’re shopping for but you don’t know what his shoe size is, a miniature shoe-shaped charger might just be the next best thing.

+ Includes micro-USB to USB A cable
+ Roughly 5″ long
+ Only available in black