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Google Assistant Is Coming to iPhone

* Google Assistant will be avaialble on the App Store sometime today
* The app can handle complicated queries and lets you type in addition to speaking
* Currently available in English, more languages coming soon

Google announced at its I/O developer conference that the company’s personal assistant will soon be available for iOS, reports TechCrunch. The software will not replace Siri, rather, it will be accessible through Google’s dedicated app.

“Today, I’m excited to announce that Google Assistant is available for iPhone,” says Scott Huffman, VP of Engineering Assistant. It is extpected to hit the App Store sometime later today.

Thought to be more powerful than the current version of Siri, Google Assistant is built to handle complex queries and features third party integrations. The integrations make it possible to control connected devices through the app. Another key feature is that Google Assistant lets you type queries instead of speaking them aloud.

First introduced on the Pixel phone, Google Assistant has become available on more and more Android devices. What’s more, is could even be headed to your appliances. As of now, the app only operates in English, giving Siri a competitive advantage among international users. Support in French, German, Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese are expected soon, with Italian, Spanish and Korean to follow.