Google’s Daydream View VR is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

What Makes Google’s Daydream View VR
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“Simple, high-quality virtual reality.” That’s how Google is touting its new Daydream View VR headset. And while yes, this new headset is easy to use and more comfortable than anything offered so far, it definitely goes beyond simple VR.

With incredible experiences to take you virtually anywhere, Google VR is so much more. You can swim with sharks, explore Mars, or even become a wizard in a JK Rowling-inspired world. From speeding down a racetrack to dominating a round of mini golf, gamers will obsess over being at the center of the action. Parents, on the other hand, will love sending their kids on expeditions that teach lessons from around the globe.

But yes, let’s get back to Google’s claim that this is a simple VR headset, because… it is. With just a few buttons and a touchpad, the controller is so simple your 80-year-old grandma could use it (which would make for a pretty entertaining Thanksgiving dinner). Plus, the controller can live inside the Daydream View headset so you won’t lose it when you aren’t using it. Simple, yet genius. It works with any Google Pixel or daydream-ready phone, and comes in three sleek colors: the light-grey snow, a heather-grey slate, and a deep-crimson number. Oh, and it’s just $79.

Soft and lightweight, what really sets the Daydream View headset apart is that it’s so comfortable you could drift off to sleep while wearing it. See? We told you it was the stuff dreams were made of…  

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