Google Images Launches New Search Feature Inspired by Pinterest

Google Images Style
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* Google Images launches new search feature, similar to Pinterest
* The new feature will generate a new interface for apparel searches
* It aims to offer shoppers additional imagery to just product shots

We live in an increasingly visually-dominated culture with technology at the root of nearly everything we do, especially when it comes to consumerism. Pinterest’s inspiration board platform offers users creative ways to merchandise their ideas, categorize personal wish-lists and save inspirational imagery directly on the website.

People also love Pinterest for its more precise search engine, drawing results from a variety of imagery posted on other users’ boards or pinned from third-party websites with the click of a button, thanks to its advanced, product-driven search technology. Because of the more tailored image results that Pinterest offers, many people simply head directly to Pinterest to conduct their image searches, especially when shopping for apparel and fashion-related images. Many shoppers today want to see how the clothing items they want to purchase would look on say, a non-model figure, or how the color of particular shoe would read without being photographed in studio lighting.

Google Images has developed a new feature aimed at staying competitive with Pinterest, offering users more specified results for clothing searches with six new verticals: outerwear, dress, shirt, pants, skirts and shorts. In addition to their recently released “similar items,” feature, Google images will introduce its latest feature, “style ideas,” aimed to show more realistic imagery of particular items when searching for fashion product images. For instance, if you’re searching for a new pair of heels, the results might yield images showing a model or blogger wearing them rather than solely displaying the product shot.

The style ideas feature will only be available for mobile searching and on Android devices and yield image results that will include “visually similar items, outfit montages, and real-life images,” related to the product being searched. When an item is searched, Google Images will automatically shift the interface to the Style Ideas mode, featuring an updated carousel to allow users to scroll easily and get more tailored image results.