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This Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router Is At An All-Time Low 63% Off, So Say Goodbye To Dead Zones

This Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router with 1 Point is an easy way to upgrade the strength and reach of the Wi-Fi signal at home, and it’s currently a huge 63% off. That brings the standard price of $269 all the way down to $99, and that’s a small price to pay to never have anyone in the house complaining about signal or speed again.

For starters, the Google Nest Mesh Routers are easily some of the best mesh routers, and that’s even at full price. Mesh networks, in general, also tend to be a fair bit cheaper than the best long-range routers as well, so investing in this one while it’s cheap is an excellent idea. That’s because placement is a little more flexible, and because this bundle comes with one point, that can be put somewhere central, even if the router itself isn’t, which massively improves Wi-Fi signals.

This pair of devices can help signals cover an area of up to 3800 square feet, and each one can handle up to 100 devices too, which means even the most device-hungry homes should be covered with ease. The speed is fast enough that multiple 4K videos can be watched at once, as long as the internet speed is high enough, and they just make a home feel a lot more efficient and modern.

$99.00 $269.00 63% off

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The Google Nest Mesh systems are some of the best Wi-Fi mesh systems out there, and this one has a hefty discount. For that price, there’s one router, and one mesh point, which allows Wi-Fi to be boosted for a stronger signal across a house of up to 3800 square feet, and each nest router and point can handle up to 100 devices too. They’re powerful, easy to install, and they’re going to improve Wi-Fi in nearly any home.