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Light Up That TV Set With This Govee Backlight With $30 Off

Govee make some truly incredible TV backlights, and one of the best ones is on sale today with 21% off, which brings the price down to $110. While backlights are something of a luxury still, adding one to any home theater setup can help enhance TV shows, films, games, and even music to an entirely new level. Having the image seemingly spilling out of the TV itself can massively help immersion, no matter what’s going on on the screen, and it’s also just a cool thing to show off to friends and family.

The Govee Envisual TV LED Backlight T2 comes with a special dual camera setup that helps it better capture the perfect color combination to match what’s on screen. It’s not just about what’s on the screen though, as this backlight also has a great music mode that allows it to match whatever music is being played, and can even be customized to better fit it. It just means that it’s a lot easier to get good vibes going at parties, or to make sure the mood is impeccable on dates.

Having these kinds of smart lights dotted around a home don’t just help with the mood of the place either, as they add a level of convenience. In fact, the best smart lights and best neon lighting can make sure that every room feels exactly as intended. They’re perfect for helping to create a warming atmosphere for visitors, or just for elevating every big movie or game night into the stratosphere.

$109.99 $139.99 21% off

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This Govee backlight captures specific zones in real-time to allow the lights to reflect them more accurately, and as a result, makes for a far more immersive backlight. It does this thanks to a dual-camera design that ensures it captures everything far more accurately. This version also has double the light beads of previous models, making the vibrancy and colors it offers stunning to behold, and it has a better music mode too.