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Today’s A Good Day To Grab An Incredible Samsung TV With Up To 40% Off

The decision to buy a new TV is always a big one, but today’s going to make that choice a lot easier for you because there are a bunch of excellent Samsung TVs on sale with up to 40% off.

Samsung TVs regularly appear among our picks for the best TVs for gamers and the best TVs in general, and that’s largely because they’re generally good value for money, high quality, and tend to have a great range of features too.

So, if you’re hoping to pick up a TV you can trust, whatever you want it for, we’re going to list our favorite picks from the current sale lineup, and why we like them.

$1,797.99 $2,997.99 40% off

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First up, we’ve got the SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K Smart TV that’s currently sitting at 40% off. This TV has roughly 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels for one of the best images you’ll find on any TV, a Quantum Processor for smoother pictures scene-by-scene, and an incredibly slim design to stop it taking over the whole room. It also has the Samsung Smart TV Hub, which makes it easier to access your streaming services, and works with multiple smart assistants.

$2,297.99 $3,197.99 28% off

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The SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN90B Series Smart TV features Quantum HDR 32X, which basically means it’s got an obscene range of colors that allow it to have some of the most vibrant images around, and incredible highs and lows. It also has anti-glare with ultra viewing angle, so it looks good from any direction, and can even be calibrated using your smartphone.

$1,797.99 $2,597.99 31% off

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This SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN85B Smart TV uses a Neo Quantum Processor with AI-based deep learning to make sure everything you watch is in 4K. It also has Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking for room-filling and incredibly convincing sound, and has Motion Xcelerator Tubro+, which basically boosts the speed of things by reducing lag and lessening blur for better gaming.

$1,997.99 $2,997.99 33% off

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Perhaps the most unique TV on this list, The Frame is built to sit on your wall and be barely noticeable when not in use. It has all of the usual smart TV features that we all love, but can also be sued in Art mode to show-off a variety of different pictures and artworks as you like. It’s nice to have a TV that pulls double-duty as a centrepiece.

$337.89 $529.99 36% off

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Finally, we’re going with a TV that’s not from Samsung, but is both very good and also on sale. This Hisense 50-Inch QLED 4K Smart TV is on sale at $337.89, which is 36% off, and it’s an incredibly reliable TV. The ULED technology means you’ll be getting a great picture with a wide range of colors, it has a native 60Hz refresh rate, and comes with an Alexa Voice Remote to make it really easy to use.