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These SPY Tested Gunnar Optiks Blue Light Filtering Glasses Are Legitimately Great at 43% Off

Staring at a screen while you work for long periods of time causes eye fatigue and irritation, according to a report from the Harvard Medical School. That’s why blue light filtering glasses exist to help address this systemic problem.

There are many brands that make these specialty glasses, but no one else is more reputable than Gunnar Optiks. The company has been in the business for a long time now, and one of its blue light filtering glasses is 43% off Amazon for a limited time. Obviously, the discount is swell, but your eyes will love you more for protecting them.

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Why The Gunnar Optiks Gaming and Computer Glasses Are a Great Deal

  • Originally $119.00, but now $67.90
  • Instant savings of $51.10
  • 43% off its regular price
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers

What We Love About the Gunnar Optiks Gaming and Computer Glasses

The number one reason we love them is because Gunnar Optiks has a patented lens technology that doctors recommend to protect and enhance your vision while viewing digital screens. We’ve been using this exact pair of Gunnar Optiks Gaming and Computer Glasses for over three years now, the SheaDog style, and it’s proven to be helpful because we rarely ever have eye fatigue while wearing them.

This is because the lenses block out blue light with Gunnar Optiks’ distinctive liquet lens tint, which is a slight shade of amber. Blue light has been known to produce short and long-term side effects, such as dry eyes, strain, fatigue, and much more. You definitely felt it at one point or another after working long hours staring at your fancy computer monitor.

Even if you’re not totally convinced by the style, these Gunnar Optiks Gaming and Computer Glasses are really meant to be used where you work — and not outdoors for everyday use. Although, the skinny frames make them lightweight enough to barely feel like you’re wearing them at all.

Gamers will also find wearing them beneficial, especially for long periods of play on your PC or gaming console. There’s a special lens coating that helps to reduce glare and reflective light. If you have yourself one of those fancy gaming lights on while playing, you won’t be too bothered by them because of the lens coating.

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