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This 5-in-1 Electronics Cleaning Brush Is Only $15 for a Limited Time

Face it: keyboards get dirty. It’s just a result of everyday use. We’re all guilty of eating in front of our computers, especially if we have a busy day at work and can’t take a proper lunch (or we’re binging Only Murders in the Building). Whatever the reason, the Hagibis Cleaning Soft Brush Keyboard Cleaner can help keep your keyboard free of debris — and for a limited time, it’s 40% off.

This multi-tool can help you clean:

  • Keyboards
  • Computer Keys
  • Wireless Earbuds
  • Laptops
  • Charging Cases
  • Camera Lenses

hagbis cleaning brush


Why the Hagibis Keyboard Cleaner Is a Great Deal

  • 40% off its original price
  • Instant savings of $10
  • Originally $24.99, but now $14.99
  • Includes multiple cleaning tools that won’t damage your machine
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime

What We Love About the Hagibis Keyboard Cleaner

The Hagibis Keyboard Cleaner is good for more than just keyboards. It consists of five different sections: a flocking sponge for cleaning the dust out of the wireless case of earbuds. It’s perfect for when you get earwax inside your AirPods Pro case (yuck). The high-density brush can be used to clean dirt on the sound outlet hole of your earbuds — again, without damaging them.

The built-in key puller makes it easy to remove your keyboard keys, especially if the keyboard has a lot of ground-in dirt. Pulling the keys makes it easier to clean around the sensors. If you find dust that just won’t come free under normal means, use the metal pen tip to scrub it away.

Finally, the nylon bristles at the base of the cleaner are great for everyday sweeps over your keyboard to clear away hair, dust, and small debris. Cleaning like this once per day keeps your keyboard from getting in bad shape.

The keyboard cleaner’s small size makes it easy to keep on your person. For a limited time, it’s only $15 to snag one of the best keyboard cleaners out there. It’s available in three color options, too! There’s so much utility with this simple tool, so you’ll never know what else you might clean up with it.


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