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This Post Halloween Deal Gets You 66 Feet of String Lights For Under $7

If you love Halloween and are already thinking about how to improve your decorations for next year (or how to go even bigger for the holidays), then we have the deal for you. Right now, you can snag a whopping 66 feet of LED string lights for just $6.66 through a combination of an Amazon sale and a discount code.

These lights come from Twinkle Star, and they look great for giving your house a spooky orange glow at this time of year. Normally $27, these lights are massively discounted for a limited time. We don’t know how long this deal will last, so if you’re trying to get a head-start on Halloween, act fast!

Of course, not everyone will be looking to order orange string lights, but these same lights are available in green, blue, warm white, multicolor and other colors — all of which are eligible for a 20% off coupon. So to get ready for Christmas 2022 or Halloween 2023, snag this coupon over at Amazon. If you’re buying the orange lights, be sure to use the coupon code “63URPF1N” during the checkout process.

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What Makes These LED String Lights a Great Deal

Are you that house on the block? The one that goes extra in the best way for the holidays? Then this is your chance to stock up on affordable outdoor Christmas lights and future Halloween decorations. Here’s why his deal is worth shopping:

  • Originally $27, orange lights are now only $17
  • Instant savings of $20
  • Free one-day shipping for Prime members
  • 20% off coupon available on all colors
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What We Love About These LED String Lights

Everyone is familiar with that green braided cord. It comes on traditional Christmas lights, and it’s fantastic for keeping the elements away from delicate electronics. These lights are wrapped in the same cord, but it blends in perfectly with other Halloween decorations at this time of year.

At just $7 for 66 feet of lights, this is a great deal. There are also eight different modes to fit the theme you’re going for; you can make the lights flash in combination, in waves, or sequentially. You can also have them glow slowly, or just remain steady, as well as several other options. All the modes can be adjusted by pressing the button on the controller.

This strand can be extended across others, with up to five daisy-chained together before you run into problems. Since the lights are LEDs, they won’t overheat, so you don’t have to worry about a fire starting up around your other decorations. While it would be nice if these lights were smart, a smart plug can help you get smart control. If you’re only looking for a timer, there’s a built-in function within these lights that make it easy to turn them on or off at set times of day.

Some people aspire to have the best Christmas lights on the block, but if your goal is to have the spookiest home at the end of October, snatch up these lights.

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