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Review: Hisense PX1 Tri-Laser Short Throw Projector Amazes

With square footage becoming a commodity in the currently tumultuous housing (and rental) market, people are forced to be creative with home furnishings. Sure, TVs are getting thinner, but portable projectors are also rising in popularity with a staggering global market size estimated at over $15.6 billion, according to a recent study. So when Hisense sent over the PX1 Tri-Laser Short Throw Projector, it gave me an opportunity to see if owning a portable projector outweighs the space benefits of the thinnest TVs.

Hisense continues to prove they’re one of the best electronic brands on the marketplace with staggeringly powerful televisions, among other products. The PX1 Tri-Laser Short Throw Projector, one of their latest releases, is a slight step down from the more expensive PX1-Pro projector but contains many of the same components at a slightly more affordable price. After spending some time with this portable projector, here’s what I learned.

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  • Full of strong features
  • Incredible image
  • Low Latency mode for gaming


  • Lack of native Netflix support
  • Pricier than most TVs

Setting Up the Hisense PX1 Projector

The Hisense PX1 projector is meant to be an all-in-one solution right out of the box, so there aren’t too many external factors to worry about other than just plugging in the various components to the back of the unit. This includes the power cord and the various inputs.

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Once the PX1 is turned on, it must be aligned to the wall or screen accordingly. While it’s a pretty easy setup, slight fine-tuning of the image must be considered to fit a specific space or screen. I tested on both a screen provided by Hisense and on just a plain wall and had to make some minor adjustments, but it worked quickly once I placed it in front of my given space. Finally, the unit needs to connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi to leverage the Android TV UI to download any preferred streaming apps.

Hisense PX1 Tri-Laser Projector Design

This Hisense PX1 projector is a short-throw projector, meaning it’s intended to sit just a few feet away from the screen. This makes it much more suitable for smaller spaces and eliminates the stress of a ceiling mount, let alone the credenza you may have needed for a TV. The picture is pretty wide, measuring 20.5 inches wide with a depth of 12.8 inches. A big wall is the best bet to view the whole picture here.

The unit includes legs on the bottom, which unscrew to better level out the image. A speaker is also built into the front of the unit. Most soundbars can plug into the Hisense PX1 projector thanks to the eARC HDMI connection or with a digital optical output.

This projector has so many features packed into a tiny package, which is about the same size as my PlayStation 5. This can easily be moved around and tucked into storage if space is needed for other activities.

Overall, it’s pretty straightforward. I liked the sturdy construction and the polished finish. The textural elements of the speaker and the ridged interior near the lens help to tie the whole package together.

Hisense PX1 Tri-Laser Projector Features

The feature set of this Hisense PX1 projector includes just about everything expected from a modern projector. The 4K presentation through Hisense’s triple-laser TriChroma engine allows for an intensely vivid and clear picture, boasting a staggering 2,000 lumens. The variable focus mode allows the scaling of the image size from 90 to 130 inches depending on the needs of a given space. Additionally, eARC HDMI provides a lossless audio experience to ensure a connected audio device doesn’t skimp on any thunderous sound. However, if using the 30-watt built-in speaker, prepare for a lovely Dolby Atmos experience.

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As mentioned, the Android TV user interface allows for the downloading of various applications, including all the best streaming services, and can be used as a mirror for Chromecasting entertainment from mobile devices. If that’s not enough, a Low Latency Mode helps preserve an optimal gaming experience, as the Hisense PX1 projector will auto-detect when a gaming source is active and adjust accordingly.

Using the Hisense PX1 Projector

Without question, the Hisense PX1 projector delivers a staggeringly impressive 4K experience. I tested the projector with my 4K Blu-ray player and fired up “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” where the colorful and vivid images of the beloved animated movie felt alive and kinetic. Equally as impressive was the recent 4K restoration of Michael Mann’s action classic “Heat,” which not only looked crystal clear but sounded particularly thunderous through my Sony soundbar and through the unit’s 30-watt speaker, which seemed to sound the brightest. I went as far as to test it with an older Vizo soundbar and preferred the unit’s built-in sound.

Steaming applications provided an equally fantastic experience, with stunning visuals and no issues with lag or hiccups. One drawback is that Netflix isn’t supported through the onboard software, so a supplemental device will be needed in that respect. That said, the two HDMI ports should do the trick to connect something like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or even connect a gaming system.

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I used the Hisense PX1 projector with my PlayStation 5 — this might be the ultimate gaming experience. The massive image was deeply engrossing, especially with games like “God of War Ragnarök.” The thunderous sound of Kratos’ blades came alive through the PX1’s speaker, while 4K rendered the world of Midgard in staggering detail. Testing “Fortnite” with the PX1 projector was equally compelling; I didn’t experience any input lag thanks to the low latency mode, which was particularly helpful in really tense matches.

Outside of the Netflix issue, the only downside to the PX1 is the price. For some, that tag is going to be quite an investment, but in terms of high-quality projectors, the Hisense PX1 shines with value. Those looking to furnish a home theater setup will find a lot to love with the unit and will be set for a long time.

The Verdict: Hisense’s PX1 is a Powerhouse Projector Well Worth It

The utility Hisense has managed to cram in the PX1 projector is staggeringly impressive. It’s a projector that punches well above its weight, and those in the market for a top-of-the-line unit won’t be disappointed. The Netflix issue is a bummer, but that’s not to say it’s a dealbreaker or something that won’t get fixed in the future.

That said, the portability of the PX1 projector makes it a great option for tighter spaces. If a tv-less world is on the horizon, the PX1 projector is a strong choice for a reliable entertainment display.

Courtesy of Amazon