This Robot Will Cross Cleaning the Gutters Off Your To-Do List

gutter clean robot
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* A safe and simple robotic solution for cleaning out your gutters
* Features automatic mode and a remote control manual mode
* From the same company that brought you the self-vacuuming Roomba

It’s the time of year where we finally start tackling those home improvement projects and let’s face it, gutter cleaning has to be one of the worst chores. It’s a time consuming and often dangerous task that, when left undone, is sure to cause water damage and overspills. However, the iRobot Looj 330 is a robot gutter cleaner that requires nothing more from you than placing it in your gutter. This device means a lot less trips up and down the ladder, as well as a free and easy Sunday afternoon.

At just under 2-inches high and 3-inches wide, the Looj is built to fit inside almost every case-style gutter system, including under tight braces. That allows Looj to clean your gutters up to five times faster than you could do it yourself, which is great news for your relaxing weekend plans.

Using Looj is simple. The easy carry handle ensures that getting Looj up the ladder is a simple task. From that point, you simply place it inside your gutter and detach the handle. You have the choice of using an automatic cleaning function or taking control yourself with the detached handle, which doubles as a remote control.

Looj also features a waterproof design, which makes cleaning through wet leaves no problem. Once the job’s complete, this feature means cleaning your Looj is as easy as spraying it down with your garden hose.

Finally, Looj comes with an additional set of ejectors to allow for customization of your robot. This ensures you’ve got what you need for your drain size and seasonal requirements.

From the makers of the popular Rooma robot vacuum cleaner, the iRobot Looj applies the same tech-savvy and intuitive features of the Rooma to an outdoor task you’d rather not tackle yourself.

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