A SPY Guide To Spring Cleaning For Your Screens

how to clean screen
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* Spring cleaning should also include cleaning the screens on your gadgets
* Regular cleaning spray and cloths can damage sensitive LCD screens
* These cleaning kits are specifically formulated for use on screens

Spring is officially here, and that means it’s time to give your house a deep clean. Clear out your closets, get rid of old bedding and scrub the floors. All of those chores are quite obvious, but one thing you might be forgetting about is cleaning the screens on your gadgets.

Over the months, your TV screen, tablet, phone and laptop have all picked up smudges, dirt and dust. And running a cloth or the bottom of your shirt across the screen doesn’t get rid of all that grime. You need to give your screens a proper cleaning to keep them in good order, but you’ll need special cleaning products to do so. Normal cleaning solution can damage the sensitive coating on electronic screens and some cloths even scratch LCDs unexpectedly.

These five cleaning products can clean a variety of electronic screens with ease. From microfiber cloths to reusable rollers, pick one of these up and make sure everything in your home is properly cleaned this spring.

1. Windex Electronics Wipes

You use Windex on the glass in your windows, so why not use it on the glass in your screens. These gentle wipes remove dust, fingerprints and smudges from electronics with ease. Because the cloths are anti-static, they can be safely used on everything from TVs to mobile devices. Plus, they come in a resealable package for storage without drying them out. Each pack contains 25 wipes.

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2. Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The best way to gently clean electronic screens is with a microfiber cleaning cloth. These cloths won’t scratch the glass and pick up all kinds of grease and dirt. Each pack includes five double-sided cleaning clothes with microfiber material on one side and suede on the blue side. The 6 by 6-inch size is ideal for cleaning TV screens, computer monitors and tablets. In addition, these cloths are reusable and long lasting.

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3. iRoller Screen Cleaner

The iRoller Screen Cleaner solves the issue of using disposable wipes to clean your screens. This roller was invented by Dr. Stanley Taub using the same material used to hold surgical tools in place in the operating room. The stickiness of the material means that it’s great at picking up dirt and debris as well as clearing grime and smudges. Simply roll the screen cleaner over your tablet or phone then wash it out with water.

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4. Screen Mom Natural Screen Cleaner Kit

One of the most cost-efficient ways to clean your screen, the Screen Mom Natural Screen Cleaner Kit comes with both a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution, which contains no alcohol, ammonia or harmful phosphates. The odorless spray also won’t give your electronics a funky smell. The spray bottle contains 1,572 sprays, meaning that this kit costs just over 1 penny per spray. Simply apply the cleaner to the scratch-free microfiber cloth and wipe it over your screen for an effortless clean.

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5. HÄNS Swipe – Clean

The HÄNS Swipe – Clean is an innovative solution to removing dirt and polishing your gadget screens. The device has two sides. The first side, applies the gentle cleaning solution. The second side, on the opposite end of the device, polishes away any remaining residue. In addition to the cleaning tool, this kit also comes with one refill bottle of the cleaning solution, giving you thousands of cleans with just one purchase.

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