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The Best Ways To Clean Your TV and Electronics (Because Trust Us, They’re Gross)

If you think about the number of times you touch your smartphone on an average day, it should come as little surprise it can become a home for thousands of germs. Expand this to other devices around the home and office, like tablets, and computers, and you will very quickly realize cleaning your electronic devices isn’t just about ensuring a smudge-free finish.

Luckily, there are plenty of options capable of delivering both a shiny, smudge-free finish and ridding them of germs. These products are ideal for cleaning tablets, smartphones, computer screens, camera lenses, laptops and eBooks. But as for your TV screen, you’ll want to treat that a little differently.

How To Clean Your TV Screen

Unlike your smartphone or remote, you generally aren’t touching, nor do you really ever need to touch your TV screen. The majority of the debris that accumulates on your flatscreen TV is dust and perhaps a small smudge here or there. To remove this dust without scratching your TV screen or causing any additional damage, follow these dos and don’ts for cleaning your TV screen:


  • Use an anti-fabric microfiber cloth made of the same material you’d use to clean your prescription glasses or sunglasses. This fabric is made to pick up and remove dust from your screen as well as buff out small smudges. Use a small circular motion to pick up dust and to remove smudges.
  • For toucher smudges, dampen the microfiber cloth with distilled water.
  • After you’ve cleaned the smudges, go back over with a dry cloth to remove any streaking.
  • Wipe down your TV about once a week. This will keep your TV looking sharp and keep dust off of your TV stand, cabinet and out of ports and speakers.


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  • Use paper towels to pick up dust. This can smear the dust along the panel and cause scratching.
  • Apply water directly to the screen.
  • Use harsh chemicals on your flatscreen. Avoid anything with alcohol, ammonia or acetone. These can cause much more harm than good to your TV panel.

But how do you clean your TV ports and speakers? Use a handheld vacuum on a low setting with a soft brush attachment to suck up unwanted dust from your ports. It might not seem like much, but proper cleaning can increase your TV’s lifespan and save you big bucks in the long run.

What About My Other Devices?

Although you’ll want to be extra careful and gentle with your TV, things like your remote, smartphone and other devices need a little more cleaning power to sanitize and get them germ-free.

Below you’ll find 10 products to add to your cleaning arsenal to ensure you achieve the outcome you’re after. Whether you choose handy all-in-one wipes or prefer the spray and cloth option, you can be confident your devices will look clean and be free from germs, too.


1. iRoller

Keep your phone, laptop or tablet clean with the iRoller. This handy little contraption literally rolls across your screen and lifts finger smudges and dirt right off. It’s basically a lint roller for your device. It doesn’t do much for disinfecting your screen. But after you’re done, you simply rinse off the iRoller and it’s good to use again. Rinse and repeat. Literally.

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2. Eufy by Anker

When it comes to getting that tricky dust out of ports and away from speakers on your TV, this little handheld vacuum is right for the job. It’s small enough that you can leave it out right by our TV and it won’t be an eyesore. Just put the brush attachment on and run it over your ports and speakers. Of course, beyond cleaning your TV, it is also great for taking care of small spills around the house.

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3. Mophie UV Sanitizer

When you want to completely sanitize your phone, the Mophie UV Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs. This slick little device uses UV rays to sanitize your phone. That’s right, no need for abrasive heat or liquids. Just plop your phone down, close the lid and in about five minutes you have a completely germ-free phone. Plus, it can also wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices by laying it on top of the lid. Pretty smart for a cleaner, right?!

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4. Screen Mom Purple Microfiber Cloths

Aside from the rather hilarious name, these purple microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning a large display surface like your 75-inch TV. They stretch out to 15.75 x 15.75-inch squares that cover a lot of surface area in a hurry. After you’re all done, you can wash them and reuse them after they dry. But since these come with four clothes, you’ll pretty much be covered for the foreseeable future.

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5. MiracleWipes for Electronics

These can be extra handy to have around the house, especially in the office. Laptop and phone screens get dirty quickly. It’s nice to be able to reach for a MiracleWipe and quickly whip your displays into shape. You can get a 30 pack for $14 or double it to $60 for just two more dollars.

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6. Windex Electronics Wipes

are specially made for cleaning your electronics. Whether it’s fingerprints on your smartphone or smudges on the TV screen, these anti-static wipes give you a quick and simple way to give your electronics a streak-free and clean appearance. The 25 wipes also come in a resealable package, which is great for keeping them fresh and prevents any drying out.

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7. Full Circle Electronics Cleaning Brush Set


gives you three cleaning options within one cleverly designed tool. It includes a double-ended brush that provides a soft head for clearing dust as well as a tougher, narrower hard tip on the other end for scraping harder to remove debris. The final piece of the bamboo and recycled plastic kit is a wiping pad, which can be used on screens and other flat surfaces for quicker-than-average dust and mark clearing. You’ll also find that the brush handily clips into the back of the wiping pad for a simple way to store the three-in-one tool.

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8. OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush

This pack of OXO Good Grips Cleaning Brushes includes two individual brushes, so it’s great for sharing with another person or keeping one for your computer keyboard and one for your camera gear. The brushes sport a double-ended design. One end has a soft, bristled brush, which can be used to sweep away dust. The other end features a tougher point for precise removal of tougher dirt patches. The brush end is also retractable to prevent annoying bent bristles.

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9. Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

Getting your lenses and screens fingerprint and smudge-free is a tough task. Luckily, these

are specially designed for the job. And, with over 1,800 five-star Amazon reviews, you can be pretty confident they’re going to do a job you’ll be happy with. Inside the box, there are 210 wipes, which means you won’t be running out anytime soon. They are also individually wrapped and contain a formula free from ammonia. Plus, the wipes clean without leaving streaks or residue on your surfaces.

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10. eScreen Cleaner


set includes one 8 oz. and three 2 oz. bottles of the effective eScreen Cleaner along with four high-quality microfiber cloths. The cleaner is free from alcohol, ammonia and silicone and delivers your electronics with a streak and residue-free clean. The USA-made kit can be used on a wide variety of electronic devices as well as eyeglasses and any other type of glass.

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