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You Can Now Link Your Android Pay App to PayPal

* Google introduces even more convenient way to pay
* Link your PayPal account to Android Pay
* Set PayPal as default payment option if you don’t want credit card info linked to phone

If you like the idea of paying for things with just the tap of your phone, Google is making it even easier for users on their Android Pay app. The company announced this week that users can now link their PayPal account to Android Pay, offering you another option for withdrawing funds.

Just like a credit card, PayPal will now show up in Android Pay as an option for payment. When selected, Android Pay will pull money from your PayPal balance, making up any difference by drawing from the bank account you have connected to your PayPal account.

What’s great about this: while only certain credit card companies and banks allow you to link your card to Android Pay, PayPal basically supports every bank out there. So if you’ve been wanting to test out the “pay with your phone” technology but don’t have a compatible credit card (I.e. Capital One), you can now link your phone to your PayPal account instead.

Another benefit: many consumers are still weary of storing their credit card information on their phones. This new program eliminates the need for that, drawing funds from PayPal rather than your card.

To get started, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of both the PayPal app and the Android Pay app. Once you initiate the linking process, you’ll be asked to set a PIN (which provides additional verification at checkout) and then you’re good to start shopping.