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Get 40% Off the Insane New HyperJuice Stackable GaN Chargers This Week Only

Previously, Hyper raised more than $3 million via Kickstarter to crowdfund its 100W GaN charger, which uses the semiconductor Gallium Nitride to charge more efficiently. That tiny charger could juice up a laptop, tablet, smartphone and USB device at the same time.

So how could Hyper possibly up the ante for its newest crowdfunding project?

The new stackable HyperJuice chargers also feature a 120v plug outlet built into the charger. That means you could safely charge all of those devices we mentioned above and run a space heater, lamp or humidifier at the same time from the same outlet, providing a total of 1500W of pass-through power.

BUY NOW: HyperJuice Stackable GaN Chargers (Starting At $48.00)

However, if that’s not enough for you, the 120v plug also gives you the ability to stack up to 24 HyperJuice chargers on top of each other to gain as many as 48 USB-C ports and a total of 1600W of charging power. Instead of competing for outlets, everyone can charge up their laptops at once. It’s little wonder reviewers are already calling this the “holy grail of chargers.” Not bad for a charger the size of a box of breath mints.

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Courtesy of HyperJuice/Kickstarter

And for a few more days, HyperJuice is offering major discounts on its new stackable 65W and 100W GaN chargers. Until the week ends, early adopters can head to Kickstarter to save 40% on these super chargers.

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Courtesy of HyperJuice/Kickstarter

With a single 100W charger, you could charge multiple smartphones at the same time, a phone and a laptop at the same time, or even a power-thirsty device on its own, such as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which requires 96W of juice. But as you stack chargers, the number of devices you can charge at once will grow larger.

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But if you’re worried about size, these things are surprisingly small thanks to the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) as a semiconductor, which transfers power more efficiently than a USB charger using silicon, and does so while generating less heat, meaning you don’t need bigger internal components.

While these aren’t infinitely stackable, you can stack any combination of the chargers to create up to a 1600W charger. That means you could stack 16 100W chargers, or 24 65W chargers, either of which would give you an incredible 48 USB ports. You could also mix and match any combination of the two as long as it doesn’t exceed that max 1600W rating.

You read that correctly: you can get 48 USB ports from a single wall outlet. That also means you can toss your old, bulky chargers and USB-C hubs in the trash.

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Courtesy of HyperJuice/Kickstarter

What you get with the HyperJuice is a modular design that only takes up a single power outlet, even if you have 10 of them, and affords you flexibility in how you use and configure those chargers. With the HyperJuice you can customize your setup so you have just the right amount of ports that you need and won’t be stuck with a bunch of extra ports that never get used.

The HyperJuice Stackable GaN charger is also future-proof. If you need more ports down the road, doing so is as simple as tacking on an extra brick. If things change, you can also reduce the size of your HyperJuice stack and use those individual chargers elsewhere.

Furthermore, if you need a charger to use in another room or away from the house, you can just remove one of your HyperJuice bricks, use it while you’re out of the house, and then stack it back on your other chargers when you return home.

This sort of versatility is definitely a perk.

Speaking of perks, while the HyperJuice Kickstarter campaign is still live, you can purchase these at a discounted rate. A single 65W charger, which will normally cost $79.99, can be yours for $48. And the 100-watt charger, which will normally cost $99.99, is available at a special backer price of $59. There are also bundles available at special discounted rates.

As technology continues to progress, you’re only going to need more and more USB-C outlets in your home, and there’s no time like the future to start preparing. The HyperJuice Stackable GaN charger looks like one of the most compelling ways to accomplish that yet.

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Courtesy of HyperJuice/Kickstarter