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Save Up To 38% On These Incredible Panasonic Trimmers And Flossers

There’s good news for those who want to upgrade the razor at home today, because Panasonic is selling a huge range of grooming items with up to 38% off today. There’s a great mix of different shavers on sale, but there’s also a water flosser and a few other bits on offer as well, making it a good day to upgrade the old facial care routine.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to razors. While some might be looking for the best razors for shaving the head, others are likely looking for the best beard trimmers, either way, a good electric option is a huge win when looking for accuracy.

SPY has gone through the list of items on sale and picked out five of the frontrunners. Each of these is on sale, which is nice, but is also very good at what it does. Read on to read more about each item and why it’s worthy of anyone’s time and money.

$39.99 $54.99 27% off

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This trimmer has a precision dial to make it more accurate than ever, making it incredibly easy to get the perfect length at different angles. It’s got 19 different settings to choose from, and a comfortable grip for easy control.

$12.99 $20.99 38% off

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Men end up with a lot of hair growing from places that, frankly, it shouldn’t. This trimmer is the ideal way to get rid of those pesky hairs, and not only does it work wet and dry, but it also has a vacuum system that collects hair as it goes.

$29.97 $44.97 33% off

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People with sensitive skin still regularly have to deal with hair. This trimmer is a great way to clean up a beard or eyebrows without dealing undue damage to the skin.

$74.99 $104.99 29% off

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Water flossers can be a huge boon to dental health because not having to use course threads helps keep things a little gentler, but the water pressure still cleans up nicely. This one creates up to 1,600 ultrasonic water pulses a minute to blitz teeth and gums into health.

$174.04 $259.99 33% off

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Finally, this is a razor that works wet and dry, has an automatic cleaning system, a charging station, and can effortlessly blitz through facial hair using smart sensors that’ll keep the hair looked after, and the skin perfectly healthy.