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This Indoor Security Camera Is Only $30 Today, And Perfect For Watching Pets, Kids, Or Valuables Closely

Grabbing one of the best indoor security cameras is often a lot of work, but this Petcube Indoor Security Camera does an excellent job of keeping an eye on things, and it’s currently 40% off at just $29.99. While it’s not the usual pedigree that some people like, there’s no denying that the features on offer here are enough to keep any home safe, or just help the user look at their pets when they’re meant to be working.

Some of the best security cameras without a subscription feature 1080p visual quality, alerts via apps, and strong night vision, and guess what, so does this one. It also has a 110-degree lens and an 8x zoom too, which makes keeping an eye on an entire room, or just one specific spot, really easy to do.

It has two-way audio as well, which is great for chatting to pets, but also for telling kids to stop climbing on the bookshelf, or trying to set each other on fire. If that sounds like too much, just remember that kids are chaos. This camera is an excellent upgrade to any home’s security, and while it does require a little more installation than the best light bulb security cameras, it’s still pretty easy to use, which is a great help.

$29.99 $49.99 40% off

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This indoor webcam might be meant for pets, but thanks to 1080p HD video quality, two-way audio, night vision, and smart alerts, this security camera is good for plenty of other things too. This camera has a 110-degree viewing angle, which makes it far easier to take in an entire room, and also has an 8x zoom, which is great for keeping an eye on kids as they zoom around. It also offers real-time alerts, and even offers help with vet visits via the Petcube app. That last point is not useful for robbers, but good for doggos.