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Insta360 One RS Review: A Modular Action Camera With Fun And Exciting Features

Photography and videography are more accessible than they’ve ever been thanks to the continuous innovation with smartphone cameras. However, some people like a little more than a phone can offer, which is where action sports cameras like the new Insta360 One RS could well come in.

Any new bit of tech comes into an intensely competitive field though, so if you’re interested in the Insta360 One RS, then you’ll likely want to know if it can hold its own against some of the best cameras that are already out there. Well, that’s very much where this review aims to come in.

We’ve spent a lot of time with the Insta360 One RS in a plethora of different situations, so let us give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about this camera, and whether it’s worth getting over just having some really good camera accessories for your phone.

Insta360 One RS: At A Glance


  • Cool modular design
  • Post-photo 360 mod
  • Very versatile


  • Mounting bracket isn’t integrated
ResolutionUp to 4K
FPSUp to 200
Weight125.3g – 163g
Dimensions70.1×49.1×32.6mm to 78.7×55.7×47.22
Battery LifeUp to 84 minutes
Included in the Box
  • Insta360 One RS Core
  • ONE RS Battery Base
  • 360 Lens
  • 4K Boost Lens
  • Lens Cap
  • Lens Cloth
  • A Mounting Bracket
  • A 120cm invisible selfie stick
  • A 64 GB MicroSD Card

Insta360 One RS Design

The design of the Insta360 One RS is possibly one of its biggest appeals. Here, we have an action cam that looks the part but can morph into nearly anything you could want, thanks to the modular design. The ability to swap out the lens and change from a standard action cam to the 360-degree lens never gets old, and it means this camera can live in your backpack and always be of use.

John Velasco | SPY

The different options and things you change allow this camera to be a great pick no matter what you’re planning on filming. Say, for example, you’re planning on filming something where you’re in frame, then the display mod is great because it effectively adds a selfie screen.

John Velasco | SPY

The main criticism we have of the design is that the mounting bracket isn’t integrated. It’s not a huge issue as it’s fairly easy to put together and take apart, but it can be a nuisance sometimes.

Insta360 One RS Video Performance

Of course, while design is important, most people are going to be interested in how good the videos look. The variable resolution and frame rate, largely due to the different lenses, is an excellent way to get exactly what you’re looking for from any given scene. You also have more range here than on most action cams because of the modular nature, which is a big boon.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

The different lenses do have different video performances though. The 4K Boost lens has cleaner-looking details and impressive dynamic range, and while the 360-degree mod is nice, it adds in a bit more noise under low light. That’s not a huge surprise, but it’s worth knowing. The good news is you can use an app to add effects and perspectives with the 360-degree mod though, which helps out a lot in giving creators even greater flexibility.

John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY
John Velasco | SPY

Along with that, the Insta360 One RS has truly superb horizon lock and stabilization, which makes it a lot easier to use even if you’re not someone with especially steady hands or you’re just shooting something a little trickier than usual.

Insta360 One RS Battery Life

Finally, we have the battery life. Overall we’re pretty happy with the battery life of the Insta360 One RS. It varies up to around 20 minutes depending on the settings and mods you’re using, but we found we could get a little over an hour even while using the 4K Boost lens.

John Velasco | SPY

That’s going to cover many different activities, but if you do decide you want a little more battery life, you’ll be happy to know that you can actually grab extra batteries for $30. That’s obviously a bit easier to handle if you happen to have any of the best external batteries.

Our Verdict: Is The Insta360 One RS Worth It?

With all of that information behind us, you’ll probably want to know our final thoughts. So, is the Insta360 One RS worth it? Yes, undoubtedly. The fact is that this camera is versatile in a way that a lot of cameras can’t manage, the ability to mess around with post-shooting 360 mod is incredible, and you can upgrade it later on with more accessories.