Jackery Is Celebrating 9 Years of Power With a 15% Off Sale You Can’t Miss Out On

Courtesy of Jackery

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Yeah, you read that right. Jackery is holding a 15% off sale from now until Wednesday (10/18-10/20) on every product sitewide to celebrate 9 whole years of power.

Jackery Courtesy of Jackery

You might be thinking that 15% isn’t a ton, but when it comes to Jackery, it absolutely is. Jackery has a number of heavily-priced products that will likely burn a hole in your wallet, but the hole is completely worth it. Now that everything is 15% off, you need to take advantage and snag everything you’ve ever wanted from Jackery now before it’s full-priced again.

We’ve fallen in love with Jackery over and over again here at SPY. Every time we bring one of their generators out into the wild, we become just as impressed as we were the first time we powered it on.

SAVE $225

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Courtesy of Jackery

I recently went to a music festival in which Jackery provided me with their uber-powerful Jackery Solar Generator 1000 to keep my electronics powered for the entire weekend. I arrived at the festival on a Thursday and left on the following Monday morning. For the entire time, the Jackery was able to power my iPhone, my three friends’ iPhones, a lamp and a portable speaker over and over again.

By the time we left the music festival, the Jackery had gone from a fully charged battery down to a 68% charged battery. I was under the assumption we would have maxed the thing out, but clearly, I was very wrong. It could have lasted us another whole week!

Jackery Courtesy of Jackery

Given the weight of the world is getting heavier and heavier with new bizarre natural disasters happening weekly, there’s never been a better time to snag the best portable generator money can buy. Jackery will have you powered up during any outages and when you’re headed off the grid. Some of Jackery’s products even have the ability to solar charge in some cases! Now, how neat is that?

You’re going to want to get in on this deal before you can’t. Save 15% on everything sitewide now and experience the power of Jackery for yourself.


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