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Save Over $400 the World’s Best Portable Generator During Cyber Monday

The world almost ended, people. So much so that it practically did. Last year showed us just about anything can happen, so why get left in the dark when you don’t have to?

We’ve been in love with Jackery ever since the pandemic began and since then, so have our readers. We named it one of the best products for men who want to be ready for anything in our end-of-year 2021 SPY Man awards this year and have even listed it as one of the best Christmas gifts of the year.

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Tyler Schoeber |

Right now during the best Cyber Monday sales, there’s never been a better time to finally snag a Jackery for yourself. Until tomorrow, you can save over $400 on Jackery products on their website. In addition to that, some Jackery products are even included in the best Cyber Monday deals from Amazon.

Jackery isn’t known to be the most… inexpensive of products in the world. But, trust us, this is the kind of device you need in situations you otherwise aren’t expecting. Think natural disasters, car breakdowns, camping trips and more.

Our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber recently brought his Jackery Explorer 1500 to a four-day music festival and solely had raving reviews. “I charged the power box up completely before leaving with full expectations it would likely run out of juice before the weekend over, given how many devices my friends and I had to charge,” he begins, “we left the weekend with the Explorer 1500 on 71%. I was floored.”

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Courtesy of Jackery

Each Jackery costs different depending on size and horsepower. Smaller, more inexpensive Jackery’s will obviously provide less power than the larger, more expensive types. But, regardless, any Jackery is a stellar Jackery.

As mentioned, you can save big on Jackery’s site, but you can also save a couple of hundred bucks on Jackery through Amazon. For example, you can save $140 on the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300 through Cyber Monday.

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Courtesy of Amazon

No matter how you plan on buying Jackery today, you should absolutely get in on these amazing deals before you no longer can. Find Jackery both on their main website and on Amazon now.