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Jackery Introduced Its Most Efficient Portable Generators Yet at CES 2023

Jackery, a favorite brand amongst SPY editors for dependable, high-quality portable generators, debuted their most technologically-advanced and innovative generators yet at CES 2023.

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The annual convention that brings together tech and consumer products for a weeklong parade of releases took place in Las Vegas this year, and included SPY-worthy debuts from Samsung, Victrola, eufy and Roborock. Jackery released two new generators — the 1500 Pro and 3000 Pro — expanding their existing flagship collection and giving consumers even more efficient solar generators for dependable power anywhere.

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Jackery’s New Pro Generators — The Details

Jackery’s whole product line, including its new generators, are built for zero emissions and are shock-resistant and fire retardent. Both of them can also be powered by wall charging and solar panels built with IBC (Interdigitated Back Contract) solar cell technology that maximizes light absorption even on cloudy days, in the early mornings and the late evenings.

Solar charging of Jackery generators takes longer than plugging them into your power outlet, but it does work and can work very well in a pinch if you’re camping, off the grid or lost power and didn’t charge it beforehand.

Jackery 1500 Pro

The 1500 Pro is an upgraded version of the Jackery 1500 generator, a model SPY editors have tested. It’s designed for entry-level outdoor adventurers and folks looking to power small campgrounds and a few devices at a time. It combines the technology of a 1500 Pro Power Station with SolarSaga 200 watt solar panels designed to gather maximum power from direct sunlight.

A Few Key Upgrades:

  • Charges in two hours when plugged in, faster than any previous Jackery model
  • 1512 Wh battery capacity and life
  • Charges in two hours with ultra solar charging, or the use of six 200 watt solar chargers at once
  • Uses solar panels that are up to 25% more efficient
  • Intelligent battery management system with 12 forms of protection built in
  • 30% improved heat dissipation system to keep it temperature regulated even in the sun or cold while charging

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Jackery 3000 Pro

Jackery’s other new model, the 3000 Pro, is built very similarly to the 1500 pro and is also powered by the SolarSaga 1500 watt solar panels. The main difference is the power and charging capacity, as this generator is built for powering larger operations like tailgates, backyard parties, larger campgrounds and boating excursions.

It has a massive 3024 watt-hours battery capacity and life, large compared to the 1500 Pro’s 1512 capacity. It can power 99% of devices with 3000 watt AC output while maintaining charge time at 3-4 hours via solar power and 2.5 hours with wall charging.

A Few Key Upgrades:

  • Built sustainably with zero emissions
  • Temperature versatile to cold and warm environments down to 4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Battery management system with 12 forms of protection
  • Built light, compact and with wheels and a pull handle for easy transport

Note: Neither model is currently available on Jackery’s website, but we’ll update you when they become available to order.