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These JBL Tune Wireless On-Ear Headphones Sound Amazing, And Are 40% Off Today

These JBL Tune On-Ear Headphones are some of the best over-ear headphones around, and thanks to an excellent reduction on Amazon, are on sale today for just $29.95. Normally they’d cost $49.95, but the 40% reduction makes them even more affordable, and they’re a great gift whether for the buyer, or just as a random present for just about anyone who likes music, podcasts, or the comfort of good headphones.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, they’ve got an incredibly seamless wireless connection that allows them to receive a high-quality signal, and can even be paired with two devices, so the user can connect them for music and phone calls at the same time with no problems. They’ve also got buttons on the ear-cup, which are easier to manage than most touch controls, and allow the user to control volume or answer calls without touching their other devices.

They can also work with different smart assistants, allowing the user to easily ask questions, set alarms, and pretty much anything else with ease. They’ve got an absurd 40 hours of battery life, can fast charge at impressive speeds, and they’re really comfortable thanks to a very light weight. They’re an excellent choice for just about any situation, unless someone was looking for the best open-ear headphones. Make sure not to miss out on this great discount while it’s active.

$29.95 $49.95 40% off

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These awesome headphones are the whole package, and at a heavily discounted price. The battery life can last up to 40 hours on a full charge, and can gain two hours of battery life in just five minutes of charging. They’ve also got incredible sound quality thanks to JBL Pure Bass Sound, which allows for deeper bass notes and more complex soundscapes to be heard with ease. They’re comfortable too, and incredibly light, making them good whether they’re being used on a commute, or in the gym.