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Review: JLab’s Go Air Sport Are a Slam-Dunk Budget Pick

JLab has been rolling out some interesting products recently, but we’re particularly interested in one of their newest exercise earbuds, the Go Air Sport. There are a handful of features on it that make it pretty inciting (water resistance, strong battery life, and a built-in charger), so when we were set a pair to review, we jumped at the chance to test them out. Here’s what we found.

JLab Go Air Sport Earbuds

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Setting Up JLab Go Air Sport Earbuds

As is typical for most Bluetooth earbuds, you’ll have to make some slight adjustments before you pair them to your device of choice. Once you remove the case from the packaging, open the lid, remove the earbuds, pull the stickers out and place them back into the case. Once the connectors on the earbuds touch the connectors on the case, they’ll kick into pairing mode. From there, select the Go Air from your list of Bluetooth devices and you’ll be paired pretty quickly. There’s not a fast pair option, so you’ll need to do this on both iPhones and Android devices, but the overall pairing procedure moves pretty quickly.


JLab Go Air Sport Earbuds’ Design

The Go Air is primarily sport earbuds, as evidenced by their over-ear hooks. A commonplace feature in sports earbuds, the hooks help to fully lock the earbuds into your ears so you can move without worrying about them falling out. It can take a little while to get used to that design choice, but once you do, you’ll likely find yourself appreciating how sturdy and secure they feel. Since the Go Air are little larger than your standard set of earbuds, that makes the case a bit bigger too. It might come down to a personal preference thing, but I don’t mind the case being slightly oversized; it’s too overwhelming for a standard pocket, but it’s not small enough that you’ll lose track of it inside a gym bag. The overall feel and look remind me a lot of a small pebble.

There’s one greta added feature here: JLab builds a charging cord into all of their earbuds cases. While it’s a little on the shorter side, it’s helpful not to track down a cable when you need to charge your earbuds. If you’re like me, there’s already a good chance you have more charging cords than you need, so having one included streamlines the process.

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Go Air Features and Performance

The Go Air is intended as a budget entry in the earbud space but, even with a reduced price, there are still plenty of great features. Bluetooth 5.1 ensures a stable connection so you can move away from your device freely without having to worry about your audio dropping out. The IP55 rating ensures the Go Air can handle some light water splashes and sweat, but you won’t want to go for a run with them in heavy rain or take them under a faucet. You can control songs (pause, skip, etc.) through touch pads on the right side, while tapping three times cycles through different EQ settings. These controls are a little sensitive but get better once you’ve spent a little time adjusting to them.

The 6mm drivers used for the overall sound quality of the Go Air are strong and very bass-forward. If you listen to a lot of rap music when working out, as I do, then you’ll likely love the Go Air, as those 808s will sound pretty thunderous in your ears. But even other, less bass-y songs like “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles managed to sound good. A lot of the overall quality of the sound will depend on making sure the Go Air has settled inside your ear to get a good seal. That will also help provide good passive noise cancellation, which the earbuds do a decent job of. On the battery life side of things, the earbuds clock in around slightly under the listed eight hours, but you should be able to get a full week’s worth of gym runs in before you need to charge them again.


The Verdict: Should You Buy the JLab Go Air Sport Earbuds?

If you’re looking for a dedicated set of earbuds for working out and don’t want to give your wallet a workout in the process, the JLab Go Air Sport earbuds are an absolute slam dunk. You’re getting a lot for a little, and that’s hard to beat. You might get some better features on higher-end earbuds, but for something that’s secure and sounds good, you cannot go wrong with these.


  • Great price
  • Strong base
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Several color options


  • Touch controls can be finicky

JLab Go Air Sport Earbuds

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