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Have You Ever Wished You Could Buy Skin-Tone Wireless Earbuds? Thanks To Kim Kardashian, You Can

Updated on August 17, 2022: The new Beats x Kim earbuds announced earlier this week are now available for sale via Amazon Prime. The earbuds are priced at $199.95 and come in three neutral skin-tone colors. As of this writing, they are the #1 new release in Amazon’s earbuds category.

Now that the earbuds have been more widely released, we’ve added additional photos and purchase links to our story. You can read our original article on the new collaboration below, originally published on August 15. 

Kim Kardashian is now bringing her love of neutrals to your ears and eyes.

The mogul collaborated with Beats to create three neutral-colored Beats x Kim Fit Pro earbuds, which will be available for sale starting August 16 at the Apple online store and likely on sale via Amazon on August 17.

“Life is so crazy, everything else should be really simple,” Kardashian said in a promotional video for the collaboration.

Explaining how the collaboration came about, Kardashian said, “I’ve never seen any tech products, especially headphones, be in neutral colors. I found an artist that would paint the headphones and then I thought, ‘Okay, well why wouldn’t I just go directly to beats and show them some of the samples that I was just for fun creating.'” If we were talking about anyone else, we would say that the origin story sounds far-fetched. But this is the woman who wore Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress to the Met Gala — she has connections.

The Kardashians are frequently criticized for their ostentatious displays of wealth. Still, the family has leveraged reality TV fame to become some of the country’s most successful — and visible — business moguls. Over the years, the Kardashians have amassed a product empire including shapewear, skincare and cosmetics. Now, Kim has conquered a little corner of tech with Beats x Kim.

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Kim Kardashian x Beats

The most famous Kardashian has opted for bright, show-stopping monochromatic looks, like the hot pink Balenciaga jumpsuit she wore while hosting Saturday Night Live in October 2021. But she’s better known for her more neutral, skin-tone color palette.

Her collaboration with Beats is inspired by her love of neutrals, which marks her shapewear line Skims. Kim says she wants her headphones to blend in since they are meant to be worn every day. That shouldn’t be a problem, considering her special edition earbuds will boast the same sound quality and design as other Beats Fit Pro earbuds, some of the most comfortable ones we’ve tested. Thanks to Beats x Kim, you can buy them in stylish, neutral colors Earth, Dune or Moon.

The Kardashians get a lot of hate, but they have proven to be market-shaping tastemakers in the world of commerce, beauty and fashion. Beats x Kim is more proof: With wireless earbuds and headphones part of our daily outfits, a neutral-colored set makes a lot of sense.


The new Beats x Kim wireless earbuds will retail for $199.99 and go on sale Tuesday, August 16 at Apple and Wednesday, August 17 at Amazon. Check out the new Kim-approved looks below.


Beats x Kim

Kim Kardashian x Beats wireless earbuds


Kim Kardashian Beats by Dre wireless earbuds


Kim Kardashian x Beats wireless ear buds