These Oversized Mouse Pads for Gamers Offer Next Level Precision and Speed

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If you’re a gamer, graphic designer, or someone who is constantly working on their computer, the perfect desktop computer setup is a must. Standard mousepads lack precision and comfort, but large mouse pads with the right amount of extension can help you pinpoint your accuracy, allowing you to prioritize speed or control based on your needs. They’re plentiful in space, so you never have to deal with your wireless mouse sliding off the edge of the pad. Still, it’s important to find the right size that your desk can accommodate, so measure your surface before purchasing.

These large mousepads are available in all kinds of sizes, materials, and thickness levels. Some are even backlit for night owls. A harder version is sometimes better for speed and might be easier to clean, while fabric models are portable, and allow you to pinpoint navigation better due to the increased friction when gliding.

They should glide with ease and have durable stitching, since fraying can affect the quality of the surface as well. Thicker models will be ideal for desks with contours as they’ll create a more even surface, and they can also help reduce wrist and joint pain. When it comes to size,

Beyond all these perks, a large mousepad is a helpful way to keep your desk clean and organized, as well as enhancing your typing experience. Optimize your mouse and gaming experience ASAP with these popular large mousepads of 2021.


1. Corsair MM330 Anti-Fray Clothing Gaming Mousepad


Corsair is a leader in all things mouse-related — especially when it comes to improving your gaming experience. Designed for maximum control, the non-slip Corsair MM330 comes in several different sizes, offering low friction tracking and increased target precision. Whether you’re painstakingly editing a photo or looking to one-up your competitor, this mousepad will help you master control like no other. An Amazon reviewer says on the smoothness of the movement, “your mouse will just glide across like ice skates.”

Corsair MM330 Anti-Fray Clothing Gaming Mousepad Courtesy of Amazon

2. Auhoahsil Large Mouse Pad


An upgrade from your everyday black mousepad, this XXL extended mat comes in plenty of mesmerizing patterns. This anti-fade misty forest design is one of their best-sellers. With a stitched edge, waterproof build, and spacious surface areas, Auhoahsil’s easy-gliding lycra pad is both desktop decor and protection. It houses your keyboard, mouse, and whatever else you might need nearby. One reviewer comments, “The graphics are very crisp & clear. The quality is superb. I can already tell that these will last for a long, long time.”

Auhoahsil Large Mouse Pad Courtesy of Amazon

3. Cmhoo XXL Professional Large Mouse Pad


This large mousepad is huge and boasts an incredibly detailed, HD-printed world map. Even if you’re not a geography nerd, you’ll fall in love with this mat, which can easily hold tons of items besides your mouse, including planners, drinks, books, and utensil caddies. The ultra-smooth cloth surface brings unparalleled precision to your experience, which can be essential for competitive gamers when you’re one move away from a win. Buyers do note that it takes a little while to flatten out, as some of them arrive tightly rolled.

Cmhoo XXL Professional Large Mouse Pad Courtesy of Amazon

4. Insten Gaming Mousepad


For a sleek and classy home office or gaming ambiance, consider this marble-printed large mousepad by Insten, which comes in both black and white. It’s substantial but won’t swallow your desk, unlike some of the larger mousepads on our round-up. Stain resistance is also a perk — just one blemish on white marble can be visible. Shoppers love the appearance and how the size is reasonably large without getting in the way of your monitor or adding unnecessary clutter.

Insten Gaming Mousepad Courtesy of Walmart

5. Aothia Leather Mouse Pad


This faux leather desk pad protector by Aothia is easier to wipe down than fabric alternatives and looks more expensive. Unlike real leather, PU leather won’t scratch easily or be a hassle to clean. It’s available in three different large sizes, so you can better customize it to your needs, and a cork backing provides better skid resistance than rubber. Offered in a handful of colors, every shade adds a modern and professional touch that’ll earn compliments, no matter what your workspace looks like.

Aothia Leather Mouse Pad Courtesy of Amazon

6. Logitech G840 XL Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad


Logitech is a giant in tech accessories, and you can always rely on them for a high-quality large mouse pad. Their surface is performance-tuned, letting you get consistent and accurate results every time. The surface friction is also ideal, and a rubber base stops it from slipping around, allowing gamers to make fast, sweeping motions with their fingers. On the mouse and desk barrier, one buyer says, “I’ve never been a PC gamer, but I might convert to being one after getting this mouse pad! I understand the hype now! “

Logitech G840 XL Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Courtesy of Amazon

7. KTRIO Large Gaming Mouse Pad With Stitched Edges


It’s a nightmare whenever spills occur on your desk. As you scramble to clean things up, you can only pray that your gaming monitor and precious equipment won’t be damaged in the process. If avoiding these scenarios and long-lasting durability are your priorities, consider the KTRIO large gaming mouse pad, with water-resistant features and reinforced anti-fray stitching. It comes in XL, XXL, and XXXL with minimal branding, and one user who spilled milk all over his setup was ecstatic with how easy to clean it was.

KTRIO Large Gaming Mouse Pad With Stitched Edges Courtesy of Amazon

8. TSV RGB Large LED Gaming Mousepad


Plenty of gamers play in the dark, which is why this glowing LED mousepad appeals to night owl computer users of all kinds, earning multiple five-star reviews. Keeping your work or game space illuminated, the affordable rectangular TSV mat has seven lighting modes, none of which are too distracting. If you like to get in your zone with the lights off, a backlit buy is a must. It also features a rubber base which helps to avoid any slippage.

TSV RGB Large LED Gaming Mousepad Courtesy of Walmart



If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or just prefer a little extra surface area, this large mousepad by Gorilla Stimpack has your back. The size is gigantic, so if you prefer something more than oversized, invest in this computer accessory. Just make sure that the surface you’re using it on is large enough, as it’s big enough to cover many desks. It sits flush and doesn’t curl up, since it has some weight to it. This also ensures it won’t slide around. Gamers all over the globe are impressed and find that the slightly higher price tag is worth it.

GORILLA STIMPACK Huge Mouse Pads Courtesy of Amazon

10. Xueyu Adventure Time Mousepad


To inject a dose of whimsy into your desktop, consider this cartoon Adventure Time mousepad. Colors are guaranteed to not fade, and whether you’re gaming or doing graphic design work, this pad has your back. It also has a waterproof coating, so if an accidental spill goes down, it can be easily wiped without seeping in. One fan hails it as the goldilocks of mouse pads, saying, “It’s a perfect size, not too small, not too big.”

Xueyu Adventure Time Mousepad Courtesy of Amazon

11. Enhance Hard Aluminium Mousepad


If you have an Apple magic mouse, you might find that normal mousepads with fabric can be hard to navigate at times. The magic mouse is quite sensitive, and it can skip, stop moving, and have issued with friction. This large metal mousepad works to maximize precision so your Apple device gets a smoother glide. Additionally, it’s significantly easier to clean than a fabric alternative. Some buyers note that the black version is quieter and glides better than the silver version, which is considered noisy by some.

Enhance Hard Aluminium Mousepad Courtesy of Amazon

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