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Solve Those Storage Sorrows With This 512GB SSD For Under $25

This SSD is on sale today for only $24.49, which is a 60% reduction from the usual price of $61.99. Everyone has suffered from limited storage at some point, whether it’s because there are too many games installed, too many videos being created, or just too many memes, extra storage is often a premium expense, but not today.

This particular SSD has 512GB of storage, speeds of up to 550MB/s, and is resistant to both sudden drops and vibrations thanks to being solid state. Not only that, but it’s fairly compact too, making it a lot easier to install in most PCs, even if there is limited space. It’s also just useful to have lying around in case of sudden storage needs too, as it’s a lot cheaper than many other SSDs on the market.

This kind of upgrade is great whether it’s used for the best gaming PCs or just the best desktop computers, because everything benefits from faster loading speeds. SPY especially loves it for smaller indie titles, because the size of them allows for hundreds to be installed on this one SSD, although it’s also incredibly good when used for programs too, as it helps them load and work a lot faster.

$24.49 $61.99 60% off

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This SSD has 512GB of storage, and speeds of up to 550MB/s. It’s more than enough to help boost the storage options of any PC, and is especially good for indie games or smaller work projects, or just for those that need a quick upgrade to their setup. It’s also just an incredible price for an SSD, so act fast if it looks appealing.